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weight loss !!

Well after giving up on trying to lose weight after being 65kg for at least 6 months exercising etc.. I knuckled down to diet again & have been training for race for life 5km got weighed 11/5/17 67kg week later 19/5/17 65kg still continuing on same routine 26/5/17 66kg, whats going on if I eat less at first I lose then body gets use to that so trick it & eat more does'nt work for me wish something would Grrrrrrrr.

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Hi - as you have been exercising you will have built up muscle, so you may have lost fat but gained muscle - this is why it is so important to measure your self also

I had 3 weeks where I either maintained or gained I was getting deflated, I then decided to measure myself and found I had lost 5" off my waist

Make sure you are eating in the calorie range that the BMI calculator suggests nhs.uk/tools/pages/healthyw... as I ate less and put weight on ate mid to high range and started to lose weight

Also make sure you are accountable for every mouthful (food or liquid) you put in your mouth - measure your food as well as you may have got complacent and have portion distortion

Hope this helps and well done on the training for Race for life - wishing you all the best :)


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