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So, I've reached my target weight (and some) have increased my calorie intake to 1600 and it seems I'm hungrier than I used to be on 1400 cals. What's going on there? I'm not sure whether psychologically my brain has switched off the self-discipline button now I've finished the 12 Week Plan? I'm loving my new shape and chuffed to bits to be in a smaller size and really don't want to start piling all that weight back on, but I'm so bloomin' hungry all the time!

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Are you drinking enough? Often being thirsting is mistaken for hunger pangs...?


Hi and welcome to the world of maintaining. We are a group of maintainers who get together here every first Sunday of the month in the Maintainers' Club to help each other stick to healthy eating and avoid weight to pile back on. Next one in June will be hosted by Caz28 . Under the Pinned Posts you can find the most recent thread, if you are looking for inspiration.

I know the feeling you are describing, I am also finding it harder to maintain than to lose.


I increased my calories by 300 a day as an experiment for a couple of weeks and found myself going over that limit almost every day. Just like you, I think my brain just switched off. When I took it back to my lower limit I felt a lot more in control.

I'm just guessing, from my own perspective, that we put ourselves under a lot of pressure to reach our goal (whether we notice it or not) and the transition to a new way of life (only a 'few' calories but mentally significant) isn't as straightforward as it first looks.

Like PippiRuns says, there's a 'maintainers' group that support each other, which makes so much sense and I intend to use their combined knowledge and support very soon.

Good luck BTB!

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I read recently that taking a digestive enzymes like oxbile after a meal helps. Also 1tsp of apple cider vinegar.

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Well done for reaching your goal weight battlethebulge , I've always thought it is the most hardest thing to maintain.

It's not natural for you to be "hungry all the time", so somethings not right.

I would say that perhaps it will be a good idea to carry on with your new healthy eating and drinking and keep weighing in for a few weeks but swap your choices for a little more protein.



I've never found it so........tho of course you could stick to your losing amount, and then have one bigger treat day?

I tend to stick to around 2500 cals a day when maintaining, and have blip days, in this weather extras like ice cream can ve costly


Thank you all very much for your replies and your helpful suggestions.

Diana, 2500 calories is a level I can only dream of! I'm sure I'd pile weight back on if I ate that much. I'm finding it hard to stick to 1600 a day, it's crept up quite a bit over that this week so I'm dreading getting on the scales on Thursday.

Maryh1, never heard of Oxbile. I hope that's not what the product is made of, as I'm quite a strict veggie. The apple cider vinegar sounds ok, will give that a try. Thanks.

IbenCopenhagen, thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Maintainers Club, that'll be useful!

Interestingly, I went out for 4 mile hike on the Mendips this morning after breakfast. Got half way round and thought uh-oh, I haven't brought a snack with me. However I completed my route without feeling remotely hungry (or tired!) so maybe it's more to do with keeping myself out and about, and occupied, to take my mind off food!


You're unlucky with the food cravings! I'm a week into maintenance, with no change in weight, and I have a feeling that I'm lucky in that my appetite has become smaller. I don't calorie count. Hopefully your food cravings will go away. They do, it seems, but it may take some time.


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