Slimming world & calorie counting

Does anyone do slimming world and watch calories as well? I like slimming world but i feel out of control with portion sizes and slow loses. Has anyone tried them together? and if so, how successful were you ?


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  • Sorry I can't help with your query.

    I tried SW about 4 years ago and didn't loose weight with them much at all. I ate a lot of "free foods" and when I told the leader her response was I wasn't meant to eat "That much!!" Well she did say I could eat as much as I liked.. she didn't realise my appetite!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I had a feed me switch but no full now version πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    I've listened to the advice on this free forum and have finally started loosing weight, it's taken me 4 slow months to loose 7 pounds.. By reducing my regular meals, then trying mfp' recommended calorie range, then finally the NHS BMI range which is higher. But by doing this I have lost 12.5" in that time, so progress although not all shown on the scales.

    I've never calorie counted before, but by logging everything on myfitnesspal ("mfp" free version) I've been able to plan my whole week ahead and this week, by applying the NHS BMI calculator advised range, I actually lost 3 pounds πŸŽ‰ I am sticking with this, and the encouragement on here is available 24/7 and it's real lovely people who are working on the same goals with the same struggles.

    You need to find what works for you and then if it works stick to it!!

    Cheering you on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Hi Ptfeclare , I have never tried SW but I know calorie counting works.

    Have you checked your BMI to find out your calorie needs to make sure you are eating the correct number a day.

    I also use My fitness pal much easier that doing all the calculations yourself

    Good luck with your weight loss journey


  • I have mfp and when I asked my details it says I need 1200 cals pd to loose weight but this seems quite low considering I'm 5stone overweight. Where can I find my bmi and it tells me what cals I need to loose weight. All I can find are calculations to work it out and I'm not great with maths and find it complicated πŸ€”

  • Take a look on the NHS weight loss site. Search 'BMI', the calculator pops up. Hope that helps.

  • Actually found it on the nhs site and it calculates it for you, so I'm obese and need to loose 4st 11lbs to have a healthy bmi with calories between 1700 and 2100 which seems very reasonable and achievable. I think calories and exercise is the way to go as it allows me to follow what im eating and controlling portion sizes. Thanks for the advice people, have a lovely bank holiday x

  • Hi Ptfeclare , You can change the calorie goal on mfp so that it is the same as the NHS guidelines. Just go to goals and it will give you the option to edit calorie goal.


  • Hi - yes - I try and do that. Slimming World is great, but, as you say, it doesn't teach you about calorie control. As I diabetic, the fact that potatoes and pasta etc are 'free' on SW, although it loses weight, which is beneficial with diabetes, it doesn't help you control the intake of sugar. I have a book and write down everything I eat, one column in SW style and the other with calories with fat and sugar etc. It's actually quite interesting. I've lost a stone that way. Best of luck :D

  • I don't think it can go together as in sw you can eat as much free food as you like and when calorie counting you allow yourself say 1200 calories a day and everything has calories in it x

  • Hi Minniewinney,

    Sorry I haven't been in touch for a long time, my father has been very ill and I have been helping my mum. He eventually passed away a week ago today.

    I am all over the place at the moment. Mentally, emotionally and I feel such a mess.

    I need to lose wait as my joints are ever so painful with the added weight that I have put on,since I started on Gabapentin for my Fibromyalgia and trapped nerves in my shoulder.

    I tried SW but couldn't keep it up. WW wasn't much better.

    Any advice?

    Best wishes,

    Jane x

  • I would like to try my fitness pak but I only have a blackberry mobile phone. Must I only use the computer?

  • Hi Jane/Smiler69

    My dad sadly passed away 27th February 2017 after a very long and courageous battle with cancer amongst other health complications. I have a lot of weight to lose but during the time when he was so poorly loosing weight was the last thing on my mind. As the time is passing I still miss him EVERY DAY but I am slowly starting to focus on myself and of course I am still very close with my Mum/sisters and family who still talk about Dad every day as in reality its only 4 months for me loosing dad.

    Please give yourself a break and time to grieve; when you feel ready I would urge you to try the NHS 12 week plan; I too have tried WW SW and all the others in between but this plan has and is really working for me. I am sending you lots of hugs to you and your family.

    Take care Helen (Wally_21)

  • Hi Ptfeclare

    I did lose weight with sw but put it all back on plus more 😯😱😬

    There diet as long as you are very sensible (don't overdo the free foods) can work BUT there is nothing in place to maintain the weight loss, you don't learn healthy eating nor do you change lifetime habits.

    I'm probably a real cynic, but personally I'd not use sw again.

    If you do decide to go this way, weigh all your food and calorie count it, keep involved here as I know you will get help, advice and support, the daily diary would definitely be a fantastic starting point as the members are fantastic (I admit I'm not that organized but I do nick ideas) with free no biased advice

    Good luck

    Kat xx

  • My sister, also a diabetic like me, swears by SW but has lost and put on so many times that I sometimes wonder why she doesn't realise where she has gone wrong in the past. My son has recently joined SW and lost nearly 1stone in 2 weeks but he is 6ft3in tall and weighed in at nearly 22st. He wouldn't listen to what I said about losing weight, and decided SW was the way to go. At the moment it is working for him and he is more realistic than some of the other members of the group he goes to who get stressed when they've not lost anything or put on a lb.

    He has done really well, especially for a man who never cooks from fresh for him and his 6 year old son, but he's trying to do it but buys the SW meals. I gave him the Till The Fat Lady Slims book by Debbie Flint where she goes through her journey with being overweight and how she learned to eat mindfully.

    Reading the book is really enlightening because it has shown me that most of us don't actually take much notice of what we are eating. We eat what's in front of us, watching tv or on the computer and really don't give our bodies a chance to know when it is satisfied. There are 6 principles in the method of eating that she recommends but the main ones are to eat only when hungry because a lot of the time we are just dehydrated so have a drink of water and see how you feel after that. She uses a scale of 1-10 and if you feel hungry at level 6 then you probably are hungry and you should eat something. Then eat by chewing your food properly and put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. That gives your body time to digest every mouthful. A lot of us (including me in the past) would stop about halfway through a meal (especially in a restaurant) and "have a rest" and then start eating again. At the end of the meal we would be bloated and full and often quite uncomfortable. At the point you think you need to have a rest, put your knife and fork down and push the plate away, I put my napkin on top of it in a restaurant and I don't go back to it. Your body is telling you it has had enough!

    I know that I've not been the best advert for mindful eating, I have always been a piglet (I'm an overweight person who admits that I eat too much and exercise too little) and sometimes I do replapse but I keep at it. The way that the Till the Fat Lady Slims method suggests eating, actually does work because I have friends who've lost several stones on it and I'm working on losing several stone too. I don't mind losing it slowly, I need to exercise more (I do tai chi once a week but going to get back to my Bodyblade and my Leslie Sansone in Home Walking). This past 6 weeks I have done 3 sugar free challenges on facebook groups and cut out almost all added sugar and all processed foods. Going totally sugar free isn't the plan because we all need a treat every now and then, but cutting out added sugars (you'd be surprised what it is in!) has meant I've lost around 6lbs and I'm happy with that.

    SW definitely works for some people, but we have to find what works for us as individuals. When SW says eat as much as you like of the free foods doesn't help those people who find it difficult to keep their portions in control. Years ago, my sister would eat bowls of mash just because it was 'free' and she wasn't keen on a lot of the other free food! Didn't teach her anything about restraint! I don't like organised diet groups, at the end of the day despite trying to help people lose weight it is a business and they make millions out of people who lose weight and put it on and go back for more.

    We all need to eat less of everything, exercise more if we can and eat more mindfully and not make excuses for ourselves. If you don't have a good day, week or whatever, draw a line under it, don't beat yourself up about it, that's when you relapse further. Call it a little detour on the journey of losing weight and as long as you don't stay there and set up camp, you will get to the end of the journey. Losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint.

  • I have tried SW and it does work provided you stick to the rules, free food. Healthy option and count your sins.

    The problem I found was with carbs, which a lot of free food is, that if I ate medium to large portions it didn't work.

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