Check your vits and nuts

G'day folks,

I'm certain that many of you are aware of this and I'm also certain that there is a version here on the site that I haven't seen yet. But, as I'm a busy body, I thought I'd pass this on for your parusal.

Obviously, the goal for many of us here is to lose weight in a healthy way. One of the issues that often happens, is people cut down portion sizes but don't change the foods. That can mean that people are not getting the right vitamins and nutrients and can suffer as a result. When I became vegan, I was told about a website called Cronometer. It is an American site so you do on occasion need to approximate but it gives a very substantial breakdown of all the nutrients and vitamins that are in a food. You fill it out like a diary and it adds to the breakdown as you go along. It's very useful because you can see what your eating and what is missing. Better yet, it's free.

Even if you don't use it regularly, it's good to duck in every now and then just to have a look and check what your eating.


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4 Replies

  • Sounds interesting. Well done with your change of diet, onwards and downwards for your health now

  • This is very useful thanks :) it's very hard to keep getting everything your body needs on reduced calories. Myfitnesspal does do this to a certain extent too but good to have another reference :)

  • Thanks, will look it up.

  • I use MyFitnessPal find it excellent for calories, vast array of barcode recognition and range of food, accurate with macros- protein carbs and fats.

    Unfortunately limited w vitamins and all micronutrients as dependent on who entered the food item originally easy to miss these bits out.

    Thanks for the recommendation of another site to try.

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