Trees as legs and water retention

Trees as legs and water retention

This is why I haven't weighed in this morning 😢😢

This picture was taken about 10 minutes after I woke up and went to the loo!! They weren't too bad when I got out of bed but it seems that I only have to walk to the toilet (which is in my ensuite bedroom!) and come back looking like this. I'm sure my legs and feet are water magnets


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21 Replies

  • I know exactly how you feel, fm, that's exactly how my legs used to get! Thanks goodness they never get anything like that now!

    Mine were always worse in hot weather, are yours the same?

    Here's hoping that as you lose the weight and are able to exercise regularly, yours will improve too. I found that the exercise bike really helped.

  • Hi moreless,

    I've never really suffered with swollen legs or feet, only when I was pregnant 8yrs ago but I'd say over the last 6-9 months it's got gradually worse. Not sure if it has something to do with me falling over 3 times within a few days (2 falls were in 1 day!!). My legs just don't look and feel the same like they used to. It doesn't help when your on steroids either. My medication has a lot to do with it and when I was a big girl even then I didn't have legs like this.

    The hot weather isn't helping at all and my legs are even bigger now than when the picture was taken!!!

    I love swimming and cycling but at the moment feel to self conscious to go swimming as I think everyone will be looking at me. I only go to a small gym with a pool so pretty sure I'd stand out!

    Might have to try the exercise bike again, it's just in the spare room gathering dust. Don't fancy getting the proper bike out in this heat.

    I'm going to look online today to see if I can get a proper foot pillow for when I'm in bed and also one of those foot bath things that circulate the blood and fluid around your feet and legs to see if that helps

  • When my legs were so big, it was difficult to tell what the problem was, because they felt as if they'd burst at any minute. Since they've gone back to normal, I realise that I have varicose veins! Is that a possibility for you?

    Have you seen your GP, just to rule anything serious out? Maybe you need a course of diuretics, or a change of medication?

    The only trouble with the foot baths, is that you have to have your feet down, which I always found worse. If you're sitting, you're best with your legs elevated and it's the bending and straightening of you knee, that squeezes the fluid back up your leg to drain it.

  • I'm on diuretics that the dr gave me! And it appears that they're not helping 😢

    I'm only thinking of the foot thing as my dad used one when he suffered with swollen feet and ankles and it helped him.

    I'm under a renal team for a kidney issue and they should know what they're doing as I've been under them for 19 years

  • Maybe the dose needs changing?

    Anything that may help, has got to be worth trying :)

    If it's your kidneys that are the problem, that's very likely why you have the swollen legs now. I hope that they'll be able to rectify the situation for you, soon.

  • Nothing a new kidney wouldn't fix!!

    I'm already taking 40mg of diuretics, maybe I might need a different one with less side effects

  • Are you on the waiting list for a transplant?

    Write all of your side effects down and take it with you to your next appointment. Stressing how they're making you feel physically and mentally. If necessary, hand the list to the doctor and let them read it for themselves.

    Good luck!

  • Not yet as the current one is still working (I had a transplant 18 1/2yrs ago). Due to the sepsis infection I got in February it damaged my kidney graph more than they thought, but they are hoping to reverse some of this with medication changes

  • Oh poor you! I really hope that they'll be successful and that they can do it without causing you any more stress and discomfort!

  • Me too, don't really want to go through another operation

  • I'll bet! I shall keep everything crossed for you! :)

  • Thankyou for posting ,as moreless says, with weight loss and cooler weather they shouldn't be as bad. Water retention makes you feel down doesn't it.

    I'm sure that someone will have advice on how to eat to help reduce the retention.

    But my main reason for replying is just to say thankyou sooo much for posting this pic, I think sometimes those of us who have the same problem think we are on our own.

    We cry over why we have ank!es when we wake and then they go by breakfast time.

    Do keep going though, I find that when I walk, albeit slowly, it helps.


  • Poor you, that can't be nice. I know nothing about water retention but realise it isn't good for you.

    I think green teas are diuretics. Also Dale Pinnock (the Medicinal Chef) may have some advice.

    Take care

  • Ooo poor you - they look painfully swollen - hope you can get them down soon

  • I've just bought some Epsom salts to see if that works. It's supposed to draw out the swelling and excess water 💦 either in a bath or foot bath 🛀

    I'll give anything a go!

  • Might be worth trying to do some aquarobics as your legs will feel cooler inside the water - I know you said you feel self-conscious about the swimming, but please think about it. Once you're in the water, nobody can see, and with any luck coming out, you'll feel better. My legs swelled horribly in the later stages of pregnancy with triplets - and moving helped.

  • I've thought about aqua aerobics again but the classes in my area are not great times for me to get to as I've got to consider my son, and hubby is away quite a lot at the moment on business. Going to give the exercise bike a go this afternoon to see if that helps

  • Good luck! How old is your son?

  • My son is nearly 8

  • Lovely age - could you take him with you to the pool and invent your own aquarobics?

  • I know the basics and used to go swimming and aqua aerobics when I've had problems with my feet and legs in the past, but at the moment it's finding the time and the pool I use only do certain times at weekends for family swimming. Hopefully I'll get in the water before I go on my holidays

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