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Hi everyone so this morning I had my strawberries weighed out ready for my snack at work when my grandson came bursting through my front door clutching a chocolate chip unicorn cake he had made for his school fete this ones for you nanny he says for your tea break at school. Well what could I say but thankyou and now it has gone but it was delicious bless him.

Then of all things we had burgers in rolls with chips for lunch and I had run out of salads. Oh well it is Friday and I have a week off to try and remedy today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.🍔🍟🍰😳

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Not to worry Kim, you enjoyed it and that's the main thing! :)

Have a great week :)


Your grandson is worth it! And you'll soon repair any damage done. I am running out of excuses, though, so have to start behaving better...

On the upside, if we don't lose weight, we don't need new clothes and save a lot of money. (Devil speaking here).

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I couldn't resist either


Yes but a cake made by your grandson - surely no one would be mean enough to put calories in that!

How lovely that he brought one for you,


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