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Feels like a naughty treat

Hi everyone

I recently got a big tube of peanut butter 100% nuts nothing added because loads of YouTube videos says it's a suitable snack for dieting. I was shocked by the amount of calories. Without wanting to throw it away I realised I could make a lot of sauce from a tea spoon dollop, water and a little soy sauce.

This will be my treat from now on if I feel the urge to break. Will go over anything ( in my opinion) Amazing with a veg.

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That sounds very inventive, James, well done you :)


I regularly eat a spoonful from the jar, or I spread it on an oatcake or celery sticks for a high protein snack. But I only discovered it while I was losing weight (and since maintaining) . Years ago I never ate it because I believed it to be "fattening " . Never even bought it for my children ( meanie mummy). I now wish I had, far far better and good for us than the other snacks we grew up with. I now monitor my protein and peanut butter is my go-to when I need a boost . But of course like all foods, you have to count it into your daily allowance.


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