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Missed my weigh-in

I did not miss my weigh-in intentionally. I over did things yesterday I knew it once I got started, however as time went by I got ready to get going. I was in a lot of pain, but it's par for course with me. I called the taxi 15 mins before the session started. I put my shoes on and venture into the lovely sunshine and waited. I don't use the walker on trips like these as it can get in the way so I just had the one walking stick. I waited for the taxi for 40 mins. By then the pain was critical I was near to tears hoping I can make it back indoors, I knew I would not be capable of stepping onto the scales. I cancelled the taxi and struggled back indoors.

I was looking forward to another weight loss if it wasn't another 5lbs 1/2lb would have made me happy.

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So sorry to hear that, Panther, I hope that you're feeling better today.

Don't worry about the weigh-in, just log on next week, if you can and an average loss will be taken for the stats.

Keep up the great work :)

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That's terrible! :(

I think you can definitely blame your failure to attend on the taxi company. I can't believe they didn't tell you it would take so long when you called them. I hope you feel better soon.


So sorry to hear that your taxi company let you down so badly.

I know exactly how much it hurts when you are stood still, I can walk ( with 2 sticks) for an hour and be in less pain that standing still for 10 minutes.

It might be worth getting another stick as I find it much easier than just using one.

Don't worry about missing the weigh in, you will just have a lovely surprise next week.

Keep posting, it helps me to keep motivated



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