A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 2 review( 14/05-2017-/20-2017)

A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 2 review( 14/05-2017-/20-2017)

Hi everyone,

A bit delay of my weekly review. Entering the 2nd stage of my weight loss doesn't feel easy at all. I wasn't particularly good recording my diet and exercise, nor good at sticking to my daily calories limit. Part of it was due to my aunt staying with us at the moment. While I am totally appreciative she cooks for us from time to time, making my day a lot easier, it is not realistic to calculate calories when she does cook. I manage to lose 0.5kg last week, brings me to 57.1kg. So I'm certainly not complaining.

For this week, I've made a few changes

1. Yesterday I started using my fitnesspal to record my daily calories, based on my Saturday weighing group fellow weigh loss friends' suggestion, so far so good

2. I asked my aunt to make more soup, which she kindly agreed to do so, hopefully this will help to reduce calories intake.

My target for this week is 0.5kg weight loss, if I achieve it I will be 56.6kg.

Have a good week!


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7 Replies

  • Hi happyhealthyjane

    Well done in losing 0.5kgs last week. I think it is harding when you have visitors as your out of routine and as you say you can't count the calories when someone esle is cooking. That's a good idea to get your Aunt to make some soup.

    Good luck with your week.


  • Thanks! Feeling a bit down tonight, today wasn't easy. one of these days you ran around like a headless chicken but achieved little, if you know what I mean. I like to come here when I feel a bit down. Having so many people who are focused and determined with different weight loss goals inspire me!

  • Sorry your feeling down, I know what you mean when you have a bad day like that. Have you seen moreless's new challenge that will make you smile and is very inspiring too.

  • will check it out, xks!

  • Soup is a good idea although it's a bit hot for soup. It's more of a salad and BBQ week - I would avoid the bread! Good luck, it easy when someone else is cooking

  • We had a few rainy days in Scotland. But today was kinda hot and tomorrow will be 22 degree! So soup will be too hot. Had salad for dinner tonight:)

  • You're doing well regardless.

    Like you and the others have already said, it is difficult when someone else is cooking but good on you to already have had a conversation with your aunt and getting her to help you in your goals.

    When my partner cooks, I just ask about the quantities of the ingredients that are high in calories and come up with a guesstimate from that (tending towards guessing higher rather than lower).

    Regardless though, keep doing what you're doing because its working.

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