Calorie cycling ...............amazing stuff!

Well so much I've read about going off track, bad days and good days, we all seem guilty of overeating at times.

My gut feeling, is calorie cycling, over eat one day, under eat the next, or a few days later, great, it all pans out, and stops the dreaded plateau, I think this suits me as a long term plan!

After all in real life, it's what we need to do, tho if you really do need to consistently lose, it's prob best this stuff doesn't happen too often.

Be inspired folk!


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  • Hi Diana,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. :-)

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow - are you slimmer than last year? How long you been maintaining for? Sorry 20 questions! In response to your post I think the key is not to over eat 2 days in a row, one day can easily carry on into the next!! It's a good idea to cut down the next day.

  • Been maintains for ages, can't remember.......yes slightly slimmer than last year by about 2 lbs, current weight 10st 3.5 lbs, started at 12st 6, way back in 2011!

  • That brilliant that you have maintained for so long. It really positive to know it is doable! Thanks

  • Diana I'm so pleased to have read your post. I have just been having a moan because I've recently reached my target weight, desperately want to maintain but I'm always hungry lately! I started at 12st 6lb too, and 10st 4lb at the moment. Did you get an urge to eat for England once you'd reached your target weight?

  • No, not all, tho I have a relatively bad week, too much temptation and goodies, it all returns to normal tomm tho, after this birthday week.

    I actually crave more normal

  • I am disappointed though as I thought your post was going to be about burning calories through cycling - I like posts about tandem biking up mountains that kind of thing.

  • Sorry!

  • Definately,


  • I heard about 'calorie cycling' recently, think it's also called 'flexible dieting' . . . It's what I've always done as some days I'm just hungrier than others. 😊

    Well done Diana on 2 years of maintainance and a very Happy Birthday πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’₯❀️😊

  • I'm really interested in calorie cycling too. The main challenge is to make sure to do the lower calorie days not just the higher ones ;) I think my body needs more calories the day after running, so if I make sure to have less on the day leading up to a run it should all balance out. Also nice to think this would help keep my metabolism working well too :)

    Oh - and happy birthday :) 🎁🎁🎁

  • Thanks, I think naturally we do it, it's easy simple and liveable

  • It makes sense that we would do it naturally. Interesting too that healthy eating guidelines focus on having a regular daily calorie allowance etc though... makes more sense to treat those as averages that balance out over the week rather than daily goals

  • Well my thoughts, we have so much going in our bodies at times, we get unwell, the weather affects our appetite, a more mixed up view of calories is healthy!

    As maintainers this is a more sensible approach, for losers it needs to be more structured ( more of the time), tho we know long term habits do benefit us better

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