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Tuesday May 23rd

Despite gaining 1lb. I had a fantastic Sunday. Our recreation team won 2nd place at the Warrington Rowing Club. It was a great celebration ended with barbeque and cakes. I felt guilty but enjoyed the cake!!

Today won the bonus ball draw at work. I treated to kfc after work. I was doing great up until noon. I went over my calorie intake.

Tuesday I'm back on track. I have to be. I'll be doing my first competition with the ladies in Chester. I must train hard and stay focused.

Tuesday's menu

Cornflakes with chopped banana. My usual coffee and 1 milk and sugar. And water, lots of water.

Lunch: Tuna salad. Fresh fruit berry salad. And water throughout the day.

Dinner: Baked potato with tuna.

I hope I'm entitled to cry for help on my urges. I have to be strong and focused. But it's hard at times. Time to look at ideas for meals that are on here.

Thanks for letting me moan and take up space!!!

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Everyone is entitled to cry for help, that's what we are here for! You don't seem to be eating much, is it enough?


I think that's where I indulge and fall off course. I'll put healthy fillers in between today. Our canteen at works makes fresh fruit salads.

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Vary it a bit so you don't eat tuna twice.


They have different fillers for the potato's in the canteen. I'll have a look and switch it to another healthy option. Thank you :)


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