"What a difference a day makes" (well 5 actually)

So here I am at the start of day 6 and what a difference already. I have been eating heathily, reduced the size of my portions and making good choices. I feel so much better already that today I resumed my 2 mile walk each way to work (at the end of a 2 hour car journey).

It helps that my wife (Sankath) is also following the plan, she is going great guns too.

I have my first weigh in with the Wednesday wobble warriors so fingers crossed for a result.

Feeling motivated :) :D :)


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10 Replies

  • Congratulations to you and Sankath, Steve, it certainly makes life easier when both of you are doing the same thing.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the results of your labours, on Wednesday :)

  • You sound so determined and it's wonderful that you're feeling the benefits already. My husband has supported me just as Sankath is supporting you and it has been lovely to get fitter and healthier together. Good luck to you both x

  • Well done! its so good to hear that your feeling great already!, i'm a day behind you on day 5 ans my weigh day is Thursday. Today i'm feeling better but beginning of week i was struggling. Lets hope we all loose weight and gain more strength! xxxx

  • And keep on at your garden it wii repay step by step attention

  • Just had lunch of a tuna and seafood stick salad, but made the stupid mistake of preping it last night. As I added some fresh pineapple pieces to jujge it up, I ended up with a bowl of mesh and water. Saved it by cooking a pack of instant noodle in water, squeezing them out and mixing them in. It tasted fine, but didn't look to inviting. At least I am still on track with my Cal's for the day.

  • meant mush.

  • So pleased to hear that you are both doing so well. Eating better definitely gives you the feel good factor as does this lovely sunshine. Hope it stays nice as it is so much easier to eat well and exercise more when the sun is out lol.

    Good luck for Wednesday weigh in


  • Hi!I noticed I started on the same day as you - so nice to read as I feel a bit apprehensive but also excited because if all goes to plan, those waistbands won't pinch and even better I can possibly wear untouched summer clothes. Weigh tomorrow 🤞

  • That's something I yearn for. I lost half my body weight about 2 years ago and only put it back on because of my job driving me into a years dive of anxiety and depression. Thankfully that's way behind me now and I feel totally motivated to shift it all again. Like you I can't wait to get into my wardrobe of lovely clothes rather than looking like Worzel gumidge most of the time. Good luck tomorrow. I will follow you to keep an eye on your progress too. We can do this thing...

  • Hi there....forgot to post anything...but delighted to claim loss of 2lbs in 3 weeks. Could have tried harder in the evenings as I snack and snack but must be positive. Glad you're in a different place now - that sounds hard won but that tenacity will see you through. Really thinking about colourful foods and making big efforts with water. One tea = one water. Good luck for the next week.

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