Any tips for changing binge eating?

Last night i binged on beetroot first, then chocolate then biscuits!! i feel really annoyed with myself. Especially because i know i've been skinny before and had my relationship with food under control. Does anyone have any tips? i don't want to shovel food in my mouth like its going out of fashion anymore. I've don't the bmi calculator an i have tipped the scales for my height. I've thought like when i get that feeling to munch instead of munching come onto the pc and transfer money from the food account into my savings account. We are creatures of habit seems my habit is eating at the moment and i really want to stop! I sound like a smoker wishing to kick the habit. I used to smoke!! i should easily be able to give up food just as i did smoking. I should buy myself a shovel and get digging in the garden which might occupy me.


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  • emma-louise.

    Am sure that others will reply with some really sensible help and advice for you. I just want to say put yesterday behind you, don't dwell on it, it was a blip,

    I too used to be a smoker, very long time ago ( 46p for 20). I find controlling what I eat much more difficult than stopping smoking was. Hang on in there, use this site to get support and advice, we all need it .🌼

    Perhaps save some calories for healthy snacks in the evening, I have 3 aldi sweet chilli thins for 90cals most evenings, they are very tasty and nicer than crisps.

    Gardening seems like good idea especially if you can p!ant and grow veg that you can enjoy.

    Keep with us

  • Hi emma-louise32

    We have all had that moment when we can't stop eating so don't be so hard on yourself, just draw a line under last night. To get back on the wagon today make sure you plan your day out, use the Daily Diary in Events if it helps you plan. If evenings are your time to snack then keep a pre-planned snack in a tub that is weighed out and within your calories so you can have something and not feel guilty about it. I use nuts or yogurt covered cranberries for a sweet snack. You can do this!

    Have a good day.


  • The Beetroot was OK Its one of the vegetables seen as a speed food . I only buy 70% or 80% chocolate which I keep in the fridge If I am desperate and feel I really need chocolate this is what I have with a cuppa Because its bitter 1 or 2 squares are enough and its a healthier option than Cadburys. I also keep chopped up Melon in the fridge and its a handy standby when I want something sweet. Sugar free jellies made up in the fridge also come in usefull. I just dont buy stuff I know will be my downfall. I hope some of the above may help you.Only you can figure out the best way forward for you.I find with eating 3 healthy wholesome meals spaced out during the day keeps me full hence the need for not many snacks being required Small steps. Try changing bad habits gradually.Onwards and Downwards for you

  • Please be warned on the dangers of sweeteners, they are very bad news!!

  • I shall be harsh and say get rid of all choc and biscuits - if it isn't there you can't eat it as you are rarely going to specifically go out and get it. If you have to have it in the house for other people then some one on here gave me great advice - put it in a sealed bag with the name of the person it is for then leave it alone. 🤞

  • I completely agree with Ella, if its not in the house it will help you enormously.

  • Find something to keep your hands occupied is my advice, herbal tea or low cal hot drinks can be great too!

    I try to avoid night nibbles too, anything after about 6 or 7 depending on my shifts!

  • I am familiar with this. Sometimes I want chocolate and nothing else will do. If I can portion a reasonable it slowly and be done than I am better off then eating everything else in sight. It doesn't work every time... but every time I'm successful in moderating I know it's possible!

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