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Sunday weigh in

Bit of a let down. Over the past few weeks I lost 5. By the looks of it I gained a pound.

Big day today too. Splash and Dash race for recreational rowers 1-4pm at our Warrington Rowing Club. We'll be selling lots of cake and barbeque. Big test of being good. But if you want something to do today Warrington is the place to be.

Breakfast: Chopped banana in cornflakes /w 1 gluten free toast and coffee

Lunch: BBQ today at the Warrington Club

Dinner: Best I don't eat haha

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Morning ShadowDee

Don't beat your up over a pound gain we all have weeks like that, just see if you can find where you went off track.

Enjoy your day at Warrington rowing club, that sounds like a fun day.

Loving your daily plan, esepcially dinner! lol.


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