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Pride or worry?

Pride or worry?

I'm eating, today I had a half chicken for breakfast, half chicken for lunch with a salad and went out for Korean food with veg with a side order of wings. But decided to walk 2 hours home. What have people experienced in losing too much too quickly. I 'm really proud of my progress but sometimes worry about the speed. I mean I try and have 2000 kcal a day (I'm 6foot 5inches) so this should be a good dieting target. I feel great, I'm peeing about 4 times a day, pooping about 2 times a day. I'm not going crazy when I break my patten expected results happen (out for dinner and 2 cakes on the 10th of may and a BBQ on the 13th) I go to the gym a lot and work really hard.

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Unless you are very short, you could eat a lot more and still lose weight. Try to go to nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw... and it will give you a calorie range to stick to.

You have kickstarted your weight loss amazingly well and your motivation has been fuelled by seeing the results on the scales, but maybe now is the time to slow down to make sure it is a sustainable weight loss that doesn't just pile back on as soon as you stop counting calories.

And one more thing. Chicken is good but you also need variation 🐟

Best of luck


Morning Jameskivensmith

Well done on your weigh loss so far and if you can tell me the actual amount you have lost I can award you a badge to celebrate your achievement, from the chart is it 30+ pounds?

At the start of your weight loss journey you can lose quickly or large amounts then it slows down as you go along. Make sure you have checked your BMI to ensure your eating the right amount of calories for you.

Why not take a look at the Daily Diary on the Home page in Events to see what other members are eating on their daily plan.



I do love a nice graph! Am I right that you lost about 40lb in 2 months and now weigh about 255lb? That's nearly 3 stone which is a lot of weight to lose in that time. Your body might be struggling to cope with that number of calories - for your height and weight you probably do need more. The trouble with not eating enough is when your body gets used to that weight loss will slow down and then you would need to cut back further but if you have already slashed it too much then you have nowhere else to cut back. I would also check you are getting enough variety in your diet. 🤞And well done!!🌟

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