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After 10 days of dieting

Hello everyone,

Before NHS dieting plan , I used to eat whatever I want (Just 10 days before).And after 10 days of dieting, I came to know that I used to consume lots of calorie based food and hardly ever bothered about calorie consumptions. But In order to reduce my weight, I made significant changes in my life styles :

1. Whatever I eat, I pay now particular attention to calorie intake

2. I eat small portion of food through a day instead of having large portion food in dinner and lunch.

3. I almost reduce to zero (except add very little sugar in Indian masala tea drink or coffee) my added sugar content.

4. Drink atleast 2 litre to 3 litre water daily .

5. Remove high sugar or calorie intake food like banana and instead used peelers ,apple ,strawberry , cucumber ,watermelon

6. Sleep atleast 7 hours

7. Since I have hip issue and could not able to run or do exercise , Hence started 30 minutes of morning walking. And made to and fro from university to accommodation via walking (stop all cycling,train or subway). This added 40 minutes of one way walking exercise for me .

8. Included vegetable more like soya chunk, mixed peepers, cauliflower, slip yellow peas, chickpeas, kaala chana, Garden peas,carrot. green chilli etc

And after 10 days, I can say I am feeling energetic and motivated and going to measure weight at the end of this month . My average calorie intake is about 1700 Kcal to 1900 Kcal daily (In past 10 days)

Any advice you would like to give or suggestions, please kindly give !!

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Hi raviwithfuture

Sounds like your off to a good start with keeping an eye on the calories your eating and drinking more water. If you need any ideas on what to eat or how to plan your day have a look at the Daily Diary that is posted everyday on the Home page in Events.


Sounds you have got a good plan going, well done. Keep visiting the form and join in lots

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Sound like you are doing really well. Its easier now you are feeling the benefits I am sure.

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