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Spring cleaning the Summer Gym & Melanzane Parmigiana

Spring cleaning the Summer Gym & Melanzane Parmigiana

Well moreless you were keen to know what my plans were for today after my hospital visit yesterday! :D :D

The only problem is that I forgot to take a "before" photo! Assisted by my hubbie (needed some persuasion), we went out to the "garage gym" and had a good spring cleaning session - sweeping, wiping, hoovering (yep, hoovering the garage!), moving boxes, and evicting lots of spiders, etc.

I have reclaimed this space in my garage as my "gym" once again. I have moved my Pilates equipment out of my daughters bedroom and we are ready to RUMBLE!

About two years ago whilst we had my terminally ill mother in law living with us, I would regularly spend a couple of hours here, listening to the radio and completing my work-out. Walking on the treadmill (it's been adapted with a bar for me to hold on to when walking to aid balance), using my stepper, my wobble board - the yellow straps hanging from the roof are my TRX bands, which I use for suspension training greatist.com/fitness/effect...

The coloured bands on the front of the treadmill are used for resistance training (my arms and shoulders).

The picture at the bottom on the right is the view from the gym window into the garden. What more can I have to encourage me out there... :-)

Hubbie has recently taken delivery of some kettle bells, and he has said he'll join me out there for a session tomorrow. Our cleaning session today was enough for today!


Breakfast = 3 eggs scrambled with butter and 3 x rashers of streaky bacon (. 3 cups of tea and one of freshly ground coffee (374 calories).

Lunch = Anzac cookie (118 cals) (made by hubbie last weekend) and a cup of tea (19 cals)

Dinner = Melanzane parmigiana - it's a kind of lasagne made with layers of aubergine and tomato sauce and topped with Mozzarella and Manchego cheese. Our receipe works out at 505 calories a portion, but serving it with a green salad (33 calories).

I've made up my own recipe as usual - but this link will give you the idea - I'll share mine later! bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/309...

Aubergine is VERY low in calories, but you griddle the slices of aubergine in olive oil (66ml in my recipe!) and of course the cheese soon rack up those calories. Mind you, the flavour is well worth it!

So today is looking like this:

Calories consumed = 1066 (from 1333 daily quota)

Exercise = Just waiting for a synch on my FitBit but looking good as I am already at 3,899 which is over my 3,000 goal thanks to my garage gym spring clean!

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Well done Pineapple27 you are putting me to shame.

Certainly going to look up the recipe you suggested, you always give such great advice.

I would think that after all that heaving and cleaning you will need a lie down in a darkened room!

I did do two and a half hours weeding at the allotment which is a little better than nothing.


Hi Pineapple27

What a great way to have a work out by spring cleaning your gym which looks great. You have a lovely view for the window to keep you going on the treadmill.

Your dinner sound tasty. I shall keep my eye out for your recipe.

Have a good weekend


What a life enhancing garden ciew


Love! Melanzane parmigiana! My problem is I use too much olive oil defeating the whole point! Will try yours! Well done with all your clearing up! I have a LOT! of plants need to get in! Need to find an hour tomorrow and just blast them in. Have a nephew coming and cooking a roast.


What a busy day! Lovely view to work out to, enjoy! Lots of lovely food and under calories - nice!



what is a Anzac cookie? sorry for being out of the loop

mmm our garage needs a mega make over - have ear marked that as exercise for next weekend ;)



Really easy to make!


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