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It can be difficult - answer is to keep busy :) If it was only that easy :)


A bowl of shreddies and 1/2 a pot noodle was just not in my plan for today

I was going ok with just water and coffee as planned this morning

Communications with a family member upset me and then i reached for the carbohydrate cereal topped with sugar which was not in my plan.

I now plan to stick with my plan and have a protein shake for lunch then fish and vegetables for dinner. When i fancies a snack tonight i have popcorn at the ready. I am also making a informed decision in drinking lots and lots of water.

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You're not eating enough Emma and your body will continue to make you reach for the carbs, until you nourish it properly!

Log onto the Daily Diary, to see what a healthy and effective weight loss menu looks like :)

DianaMaintainer in reply to moreless

Wise as always moreless, extreme measures are not needed or a grumbling tum!

Hi Emma, sorry to hear about the upset.

When I first joined and read all the information that comes with the NHS 12 week plan, one of the first things I did was to move from eating once a day in the evening to eating three times a day. It's been a simple but really effective change that has helped me stick to this whole process. My body and brain never feel deprived.

Like moreless has already said, you are not giving your body enough nourishment and it then starts craving and of course that's when we lose control and things get out of hand. I started off with scrambled egg on toast and now I've gone from being a porridge hater, to a porridge with fruit addict. It will definitely help your body whatever you choose.

Good luck!

RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020

Have you put all of your details into the BMI calulator, Emma? It will give you your calorie range for each day, because as moreless says, you aren't eating enough and carbs are what fills you up, meaning your body craves them :)

Best of luck :P

I'll try the Bmi calculator - i have not tried it yet -thank you so much. Yes i know im just eating the wrong things at the wrong times. I just have to turn it all around. I know i can, Ive done it before xxx

RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020 in reply to emma-louise32

Good. This is the link -

Janecad1 stone

All the advice is right Emma.

I have about 7 stones to loose so cut right back but nothing shifted. Checked on the BMI calculator and decided to eat healthily as many calories as it said , I've now lost well over a stone and am doing well, feeling much healthier. I struggled to believe that I should eat as many calories but sure can😁

I choose healthy, varied calories though, including good oils and other things that I thought I'd have to do without.

You'll gets lots of info and support on here.

Lindakirk1st 7lbs in reply to Janecad

I felt the same at the beginning. The calorie amount gives lots of scope to eat healthily and have treats as snacks. I have just had a Curly Wurly for dessert after my lunch 118cals. It was heaven! Now I need to hide the other 4 in the pack as in the past I would have eaten them all.

Before I started posting on here I counted all my calories for 2 weeks. As I don't normally eat during the day during the week my calories were only between 500-600 a day and about 800 at the weekend when my son is here so I have lunch.

Since reading so many people saying to check BMI calculator I checked mine and it says I should have between 1800-2200 approx. I now MAKE myself eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks every day. I find it hard to do as I haven't eaten so much for years but my weight has already started to go down even though its only 12 days since I started. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in on Monday lol.

So check the calculator and make sure you are having enough otherwise not only will you be hungry but the weight won't move either


Itsbab4 stone

Hi! I agree with everyone's good advice here about you not eating enough take on board why others have said and those little niggling hunger pangs will soon leave.

All the best enjoy eating a little more of the right food groups.😊👍

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