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Chocolate Addiction


Hi. I need to lose a lot of weight - i have tried so many times but just cannot get past the chocolate cravings. Does anyone else struggle with this and if so how have you managed to cut this

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Hi and welcome, osci :)

I used to crave all things sweet and had to eliminate sugar from my diet completely, others are able to just eat a small amount and other find that just savouring a square of a high % cocoa chocolate satisfies their need. I'm afraid it's a case of seeing which group you belong with :)

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Take a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate.

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It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)

Thank you for sharing


Hi, i too was a chocolate addict and have found i have to totally go without as i know i cant have one piece i would have to finish all the bar. This is what works for me and over time i have found that chocolate doesnt bother me the same . My hubby recently had a chocolate orange in the fridge and i can honestly say i never had one piece and thats something which wouldnt have happened a few months ago. Good luck

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Do you have any tips for the early days when the cravings just wont go away

They are just there chattering in the back of my head - i have tried having a drink - going for a walk - being busy all the usual suggestions but it is still there

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What helped me is this, every time I had a craving I said to myself,

Hey the food will still be in the shops when I'm slim,

This somehow made me stop to think and in my head I visualised me wearing lovely clothes....


I can only say what helped me was not having chocolate in the house in the first place. Whats not there you cant eat. You have obviously tried the usual distractions of trying to keep busy but this forum is brilliant for pulling you through the bad times and ive had a few. Sorry i cant be more help but im sure someone will be along with some advice and support. Hang on in there you will get through and it will be worth it in the end. Hope you have a good weekend

I find it easier to get some 'fun size' bars and have one a day. It is enough to stop the craving and as long as you count the calories you can still lose weight.

I used to find if I didn't have any I would eventually end up eating a large bar to make up for lost time lol.

It will get easier as your body gets used to having less and then you can decide if you what to cut it right out or have a small amount every day like me ;)


Years ago I had hypnotherapy to stop me eating so much chocolate and was truly amazed how well it worked. Eventually the effect wore off but it took a few years. And I totally don't believe in stuff like that - I'm not even sure why I tried it.

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i have wondered about that - i even bought a cd..........but i fall asleep after the first 5 mins!!

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That is great Hidden, anything that can make you feel to relaxed that you stop thinking about what you were thinking about is working. Be pleased:)

I used to love chocolate, I still do, but I can resist it quite easily now. I don't keep any in the house in case I get a craving and it gets the better of me. If I want some I will buy it when I go shopping once a week, usually by the time I get to the shop I don't want it.

I do however have an Options Hot Chocolate drink probably most days, but not all, I have the mint one and it satisfies my sweet tooth for only 40 calories.

Personally for me, to say 'I'm never going to eat that again' doesn't work, I just crave more. If I say 'I can have that if I leave enough calories, but maybe only once a week' I find that I often don't have it.

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Well if you're asleep your not craving chocolate so I guess you could say it's working! I saw a real person - it was a very interesting experience.

My craving used to be boiled sweets, I always had a bag of pear drops, sherbert lemons, rhubarb & custard etc. It felt like I was addicted to them, but one day I decided to cut them out completely, I can't do slowly reducing the amount, I'm a bit of a feast or famine person! Anyway, since that day I haven't eaten a single boiled sweet, that was just over 2 years ago. It was difficult at first but now I don't even feel tempted. Good luck kicking your craving.

Hi If you love chocolate, try Nutella recipes,

Here's a recipe it's quite nice use ryvita. Crush, then add Nutella, place in small sweet papers, put in fridge and have one a day they are yummy...

Hi I’m a terrible chocoholic , I’m really struggling to get back on track , it’s like after about 9 o clock in the evening I turn into a sort of monster chocoholic ; graving anything sweet in site especially chocolate , it’s definately a drug , I’ve dieted previously and a number of yrs ago I lost about 5 stones in 6 months but I just can’t seem to do it again ,! Any good tips or advice appreciated thank you Linda

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