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Slaying milk tea and sugar addiction


I struggle to wean myself off milk tea and sugar, my greatest downfall/trigger is office tea. Once i see my colleagues serve, I find it difficult to restrain myself. Please share tips to overcome.

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Apart from the sugar aspect, I see little benefit to giving up your cups of tea, matets :)

I cut sugar from my diet, cold turkey, as I'm no good at regulating the amount I consume. Others cut down and there are some that gradually reduce, until consumption has been curtailed.

If you wish to give up the tea altogether, then I suggest you excuse yourself when the tea boat is around and do something else :)

There is no main need to give up tea, it is the healthiest of hot drinks you can have but if it is because of sugar you have I used to have two sugars in a cup and I cut down by changing to two sweeteners to start with which took me about a week to fully get used to but I decided to go back to sugar and found this too sweet so stuck to sweeteners. I then managed to cut this down by doing the same thing with swapping from two to one and trying to go back, but couldn't. Now I have cut out sugars all together. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Hi matets

Well ! I am for Healthy eating and the 12 week Plan and exercise. But No Tea.

Where is the Gun.



Have you tried the flavoured teas, they take a bit of getting used to, but i quiet like them now, green tea with honey an lemon is very nice.

matets5kg in reply to Gaynor123

Thanks for the tip. I do take green tea once in a while though it's never as consistent as I would love. I tend to fall back on the milk tea

I had the same issue at work and love tea with a spoonful of sugar, instead I cut down to one sweetener then gradually cut completely. Also try peppermint tea as a replacement, keeps you alert, tastes delicious and keeps your indigestion steady.

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