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Life never seems to be a very smooth road, indeed it would be a mundane one if it was totally straight and smooth. There needs to be some crossroads and junctions, hills to climb, etc... to be able to say that you have 'lived' your life. My life? well, my life seems to have more turns in the road than Birminghams famous 'Spaghetti junction' and all as frustrating when you can see where you want to be, but the part of the junction you are on is leading you in the opposite direction. My hills appear to have been seemingly unscaleable mountains, and even the straight roads have often seemed extremely long and full of obstacles and hurdles. Life goes on though, day turns into night, turns into day and so forth, and as each new day dawns so does ones resolve to finally take the correct exit on the superhighway of life which will take you onto a more positive road, so the journey and destination will be a pleasing one to the body and soul.

I have scaled my mountains one after the other, I have cleared many hurdles and completed more obstacle courses than I can recount. I have one particular mountain that I seem to be unable to scale, try as I might.. I provide myself with the correct 'tools' and off I go, slowly trying to scale this beast of impossibility. This mountain has a name, it is called 'WEIGHT', nicknamed Fatso, Blubber, Lard-ass, etc... and by golly is it one tough cookie to see the back of. BUT, I am no quitter, I will scale WEIGHT and when I reach the top I will ram that victory flag so hard into the peak that WEIGHT will be in no doubt that it has been conquered.

This weeks obstacle was but a small one, my scales broke and the replacement seems to have a bit of a problem making its mind up what I weigh ( I can stand on them 10 times in succession and be flashed a different poundage every time). No matter, they are off back to the shop and a new set is to be purchased, hurdle cleared.

Weekend on shift for me from tonight, hey ho. For those lucky enough to have the weekend off, have a fab one. 😊

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It's the obstacles that are character-building Shellie and yours have made you the determined lady that you are today!

I have no doubt that you will eventually scale the weight mountain and stick your flag in its summit and be sure that we'll all be behind you, giving you a shove, if necessary and then waving our pom poms in unison with your flag!

Have a good weekend, even though you're working and Onwards and downwards! :)


Have you got a scales-shaped wooden board? I bought new scales which behaved like yours until I put them on an old wooden shelf. I now keep this with the scales... Good luck getting up that big mountain and over all the frustrating hurdles on the way. I totally know what you mean about life getting in the way :( it's hard to isolate weight loss from everything else


Thank you for your motivational post. I will be taking some of the imagery with me as I plod on and through everything daily. Well done for your determination - Eric Knowles said on last night's prog "Put your money where your mouth is" (I watch highly intellectual things like that!) "Quitters never win and Winners never quit"! Going to make it my motto this week. Take care and have fun with your new scales :) :)

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I like the idea of climbing the fat mountain and putting up a flag too



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