Water / Squash dilema

Water / Squash dilema

I am a wottsit for not drinking enough and am sure in the past this has gone some way in hindering weight loss (that and of course the excessive overeating LOL). I am now conciously trying to drink more, but find it a chore drinking water. While I fully appreciate that water is the way to go, as a second best, is it acceptable to use sugar free or no added sugar squash in order to get extra liquids down me??? Ultimately, does adding cordial really cause water to loose most of it's benefits?


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  • I flavour mine with a little squash, but having a jug in the fridge and adding slices of lemon and lime backs it more palletable as well, you can even drink it warm. I think some people put fresh mint in water as well.

    You won't loose the benefit by adding cordial, it's just that you are adding sugar!

    I am tying to drink more as well, one of my downfalls!

  • Yes it's actually recommend by the nhs, sugar free flavoured water, sugar free squash, as long as it's sugar free it counts xx

  • I sometimes struggle with drinking water alone. I try to get at least 2 litres a day but drinking all that water is a chore so I half it. I have 1 litre of just water and 1 litre with a little bit of squash, makes it more palitable.

  • Hi xxxchunkyxxx

    I drink water with lemon and lime or squash every day. I don't think it loses any benefit by adding squash but just use the sugar free ones and you should be fine especially if it helps you drink more.

  • drink soup counts too, if you find drinking water a chore, maybe have more clear soup?

  • Or herbal teas☕️

  • Does anyone know of any sugar free cordials worth checking out? I try to use a tiny wee drop to avoid adding cals but sugar free would be better still

  • If it helps you to drink more it has to be a good thing as long as its sugar free. I think a lot of us struggle to drink the recommended amount of water, I know I do.

    Mind you, if we get some hot weather then my intake will definitely go right up, I drink gallons of water then. Roll on summer lol


  • Just a shame a nice G'n'T in the garden's not calorie free :)

  • It isn't?????

  • I have been teetotal for the last 8 years because of pain meds so I don't have that problem lol.

    Who knows, maybe when I have lost all this weight I might get off them though. Doctors always blame my weight for all my health issues.

    Not sure how being overweight put 2 discs out in my neck though really lol


  • Ouch poor thing :(

  • Had ACDF surgery to neck, relieved pain in left arm due to trapped nerves (had got to the point of wishing I could cut it off) but still got neck pain 30 months later. 14 months ago I put 2 discs out in lower back and there are a couple more that look 'iffy' as my doctor put it lol.

    So I am hoping that getting this weight off will make a huge difference but exercise is a problem as not sure how to jog with walking sticks and I can't lift anything heavy so that limits me a lot lol


  • Maybe just up your movement in general if walking is possible? Small changes are still worth making. If not then just concentrate on your food debs it'll make a huge difference even without exercise.. and imagine if it lifted some of your pain away 😍

  • I am able to walk normally now ( with 2 sticks) a huge improvement on last year when I could only walk one step at a time. Right foot forward, bring left foot up level with it (couldn't get left one in front of right) then rest. Now the distance that took me 90 mins I can now do in about 15. I bought an fit band and I have gradually built the steps up. Then I was counting in the 100's now my average for this month is about 6,000 a day so getting closer to the 10,000 target.

    I am hoping that I will be able to do that within the next couple of months.


  • That's fantastic well done, your moving and increasing it doesn't matter how long it takes, your doing it 🏆🏆💪💪 xx

  • Thank you, it was really hard at first but I am getting there now. Hoping to get rid of the sticks eventually but still need them at the moment.

    I will try to get up to 7,000 by the end of the month


  • Just do it at your own pace, don't overdo it and damage yourself, the fact your walking with the sticks is totally motivational 🏆💪 xx

  • Thank you very much. My body soon tells me when it has done enough, I am also really badly affected by the weather but I will get there Xx


  • I drink about 3 to 3.5 litres per day. Think that's ok too or could that be damaging???

  • oh my! How do you drink that much! I've my goal set for 10glasses which are 200ml glasses! you do the math!😮 maybe i should be increasing my goals!?

  • That's a lot of water, do you have other drinks during the day as well?

    There is a danger of over drinking, it can flush out the healthy benefits of food too fast if you have too much fluid

    3 - 3 & 1/2 pints = fine, but litres is a tremendous amount.

  • Do you do much exercise or sweat a lot? My OH drinks that much, and if he drinks less he feels dehydrated - he sweats buckets though! At the end of the day it's about what suits your needs.

    You have to be careful you get enough salt when you drink so much water.

  • I don't count G&Ts as I have slimline tonic & gin is light. Otherwise my drink of choice is wine & that's so 'sinful' & a good G&T keeps me away from it.

    Cheers :-)

  • I'm the same with water but I don't like the artificial taste of squash so I use fruit juice which would be very sugary drunk neat however I dilute it about 1 part juice to 8 - 10 parts water so it just flavours the water a little.

  • It's all about keeping hydrated, rather than water aiding your weight loss. I was told it doesn't matter how, so even drinking tea & coffee is part of your intake. I happen to love water but what about adding a squeeze of lemon, which is good for your skin & def no sugar squashes.

    Good luck!

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