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so disheartened

Hi everyone,

I have honestly been so good for the past 2 weeks but after week 1 my weight had stayed the same and now week 2 I've put on 1lb 4ozs. I really was looking forward to getting on the scales as I felt like I'd lost weight, my clothes felt looser so I don't understand and now the thought of another week of dieting only to get on the scales for more disappointment is not very inspiring. Has anyone else had this experience ?


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I was very similar when I first joined and I always had problems when trying to lose weight with every other diet I had tried. When I mentioned it on here someone who has now left told me that this was probably because I wasn't eating enough. They asked me what my bmi should be and how much of this I was eating. Have you checked your bmi on the calculator. I was eating less than the bmi stated. Because I never ate enough before and always thought it better to eat less than I should to lose my weight. I was only eating between 900 and 1000 calories a day. I was then told that my body thinks I am starving it so would turn what I did eat into body fat so that it can continue. Body fat weighs more than the extra calories I should eat so it wasn't helping me and was making me stay the same or increase weight. Make sure you are eating enough in case this happens to you. Good luck with your journey.

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As HubbysMissMouse said making sure to eat enough based on your bmi could be a factor.

In the past though I've found hormones can also play a factor in weight variation etc. For ladies that dreaded time of the month can affect weight as many experience bloating, water retention, etc which can affect weight. Some experience it before hand, some during, some after, but it can be something to take into consideration if affected by the time of the month. Even men though can experience hormonal weight variations although I'm not as up on the timescales / sciences of that one as I am for ladies.

Keep trying, check you calorie intack and see what happens. You can do it.


Have you took measurements of yourself as well as weight? You might find your measurements falling even if the scales don't budge. Keep going xxx


Hi Kate15

Check out the daily diary, there's plenty of fantastic advice and if you post your menu our wonderful admins are checking and giving tips on where you could make changes

Hope this helps good luck xx

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Many thanks for all your good advice. I had foolishly thought that by further reducing my advised calorie intake I would get better results so it may well be the case that I haven't ate enough so I will address that. I agree with the hormone issue too and now wondering if the menopause is affecting my weight loss. I have only weighed myself not taken measurements so that's a good idea as I do actually feel slimmer even though the scales don't show it.

Your replies are very much appreciated as I must confess I had a few tears this morning as I felt so disheartened but after reading your responses and good wishes I'm in a much happier more positive place and I'll certainly check the daily diary for advice.

Kate xxxx


Try to be kinder to yourself

You probably put on weight originally over a period of time and we are advised that the loss should also be slow

But once we have decided to try to lose weight we want it at once

Perhaps say

I am giving myself a healthy lifestyle and concentrate on that each

day you can always find something good you have done at the end of the day to say hurrah about

It might be taking a short walk or not having a treat which is above your calorie allowance

Working out the calories each day and managing them Is an accomplishment not a chore so there is a👍🎊 to begin with

And find something nice about yourself to reinforce each day

Do you have great pot plants for example

The world is ready to be unkind as it is so we need to look after ourselves and the people on this forum will certainly help😇💕


have you been keeping a diary I find sometimes I forget to count the oil, or someone put sugar in my tea without my knowledge


Hi Kate15 please don't be disheartened. your clothes won't lie to you, scales are very fickle. I have lost almost no wight in the past there months but size smaller trousers, belt three holes tighter, bra band two inches smaller and even my watch strap is two holes tighter.

Stick with it and the results will come. I don't suppose any of us put on weight in a linear fashion, same every week, but we all, me included, want it to obey our rules for coming off. The benefits of eating good, healthy food are not to be underestimated.

Good luck and keep on keeping on.


You people are amazing!! So much good advice and encouragement and I'm taking all of your comments and suggestions on board so huge thanks to all of you. I certainly feel motivated to keep going and look forward to being able to share my progress with you. Wishing you all success too x

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Definitely keep going! I think it's really true that scales fluctuate in really unhelpful ways, whereas how your clothes feel seems a steadier guide, so be encouraged by that. Personally, I think it's really helpful to focus on being consistent, rather than the numbers on the scales, they will start to move after a while, but for now enjoy the satisfaction of making healthy choices. The daily diary is a really helpful tool, I find. You'll get there!


Hi Kate. You've already had some excellent advice.

I'm tagging Claz in here and I hope you won't mind claz, but this lady is an excellent example of how weight loss isn't just all about the scales. She has lost weight gradually, worked up to a fantastic level of fitness and the change in her body shape has been amazing. 👏👏

Just because the scales don't go down, it doesn't mean we aren't suceeeding. Looser clothes are a brilliant indicator and remember you are feeding yourself better too.

For me being able to fit back into my size 12s was enough, despite the fact that I weigh nearly a stone more than my best girlfriend (same height) and she's in size 12s too.

We all carry weight differently, just keep going we are all here for you 🍀


i dont mind being tagged in Hidden :-)... in the past 6mths my weight has been up and down all the time and it used to bother me.. ive lost almost 2stone in that time but lots and lots of inches...

i got a personal trainer who told me to take no notice of what the scales say and just measure my waist as this is the only indication that matters.

i also took photo's which has been a massive help to me as i take a new one every 3mths... if id taken any notice of scales i would gave given up ages ago !

i am now fitter, healthier than ive been in my life and im never hungry as i eat low carb so dont actually calorie count

if you look at my profile you will see my latest pics to see what 11lbs lost in 3mths on the scales can look like.

so my advice Kate15 is take no notice of the scales and keep doing what your doingand be patient.. it will work x


Exactly - thanks Claz xx


Thank you Leman, isou and Claz. Great advice and encouragement. x

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