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Weigh in

Day behind weigh in. I have been fighting a cold the past few days. Woke and remember my weekly weigh in.

Good news. I lost 3 pounds. 1 pound the other week before. So now 4 pounds in total.

I'm not ordering out that much anymore and picking healthy snacks versus chocolates and crisps.

I think cycling to my rowing club on weekends is helping me too. Yay me!! lol

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Well done Dee, that's a fantastic loss, especially as you've been fighting a cold! :)

Don't worry about missing the weigh-in, just log on next Sunday and say that your loss is for a fortnight :)

Keep up the great work, you're doing brilliantly! :)


Great losses and also really exciting how you're describing the change in choices you're making. Congrats!


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