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Bad weekend

Well after a really good positive week I became a food monster on Saturday - no reason for it, didn't stop myself either. Didn't sleep well all weekend and a bad Saturday became a bad Sunday my mood got worse and the food monster grew. Struggling with my mood, emotions and healthy eating again today. Here we go again! Same story. Useless totally bl**dy useless.

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Not useless at all, Suzie, just human the same as all of us!

Today is another day, so put the weekend behind you, climb back up on the wagon and start again :)

You can do this and we can help. Onwards and downwards, my friend! :)


Hello suziepb

I agree, not useless at all just human. We are pre-programmed to eat in times of stress or tiredress, leftovers from our pre-historic past. Draw a line under it, take a deep breath and move forward.

I strongly recommend the Daily Diary for support with food choices and weight loss tips

Best wishes


Ps I notice you don't have a badge so I'm sorting that for you

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Oh suziepb, you are not alone! 🤢😈🙀

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NO you are not USELESS, I think I'd have a safe bet if I was to say the vast majority of us do this at some point, that's why we are here. You recognised you had lost the plot, was it boredom, life getting on top of you, there's always a reason why we do it. So, identify what triggered you off, and this weekend(I presume they're the stumbling block) prepare beforehand. Do you need to get out of the house to avoid the temptation, or is it your social life that leads you astray. If you plan and prepare for this weekend, I'm sure you'll get through it and then whoopie you can step on those scales with confidence!

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