Gym leggings, eek!

Well, I've bought some 'support, hold it all in' industrial strength leggings to wear to the gym. Last week attempted legs, bums and tums in my usual tshirt and trackies, and felt quite out of place. Decided I'd feel less self conscious in nicer attire! So when I'm going left, and everyone else is going right I will still be laughing at my ineptitude, but I won't fall over my wide leg trousers any more. How can I have so little coordination? And although the gym is going well and I'm really enjoying it, I now have to get the food sorted. No c**p till Canada starts today...all the tempting snacks have gone, and it's a full-on drive to healthy eating from today.


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7 Replies

  • Good luck to an industrial strength healthy eating plan! You're doing wonderful going to the gym. I'm still afraid. I want to run but I don't know how to pick up my feet. Coordination left me along with my normal weight body.

  • Hi Ribaka, I was absolutely terrified when I first went. Literally shaking. But everyone was so nice, a couple of the members came and said hello and told me not to worry, and that I had taken the hardest step by walking through the door. I still walk on the treadmill, but when I'm not so heavy, who knows, I might try running. As for the coordination, I'm not holding my breath for its return!!

  • Good for you! It's daunting sometimes when you're feeling uncoordinated- I have balance and spatial awareness problems- but it only helps you to keep going . The more you practise it the more aware of your body and what you need to do to be coordinated.I still trip over things but it's definitely better so I'm glad I persisted. Well done 👍!

  • Hi, I'm hoping tonight might be a tad better! At least I'm going back!

  • I need leggings that walk me to the gym .... I haven't seen the inside of the gym for weeks.

  • New gym attire always helps to provide an air of great opportunity and untapped potential, even if co-ordination deserts you.

    Nonetheless, so long as you're moving at a pace that leaves you feeling exhausted, but elated by the end, you'll have achieved your ultimate goal.

  • It wasn't as bad last night, I almost kept up with everyone!

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