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Cycling as i type! 🙈

just trying to get myself up to 15mins in one fo with the exercise bike! Done 11 up until now and building on it every time i go on.

i can honestly say it gets easier so if anyone is at the stage i was almost 2weeks ago where you don't exercise at all and it seems a bit daunting, it isn't begin with but definitely gets easier the more you do it!

can i also ask what time of the day others exercise? I normally like to get a walk done first thing weather permitting but don't mind doing strength exercises throughout the day!

hope everyone has a good week. I've had a couple wknd treats to work off so it will be a fresh day tmro and strict counting!💪

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Hi allycan

I built my time up on the exercise bike over a few months when I first started. I began with 10 minutes a day and then each month added another 5 minutes until I got to 25 minutes a day. I know it was a long winded way of doing it but I have 2 total knee replacements so I had to do it easy to begin with.

I do my exercise first thing in the morning, start with a walk, then on my exercise bike.


that's fab! I did do 19 tonight but admit i wasn't giving it 100%

i quite like to do the cycling in the evening when all kids in bed and it clears my head for a few minutes. Do you do 25every day on top of walking?!!!💪

i might get there some day!


I did do it every day but I must admit the last few weeks it as slowed down due to family comittments but i'm back up to 20 minutes a day at the moment.

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I have to do my walk in the morning. I'm the most successful if I get it done first thing. I walk 4 times a week in my living room with a Leslie Sansone video and my hubby laughs at me. GRRR.. So before he opens his eyes I'm done.

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