Gift of asparagus!

A colleague of my husband gave me a huge bag of asparagus on Friday! His family farm supplies restaurants, and he offered some wonky seconds. I LOVE asparagus but it's so dear I don't buy much. Yesterday was dry roasted with salt and pepper, my 13 year old nicked some for her stir fry (!) and tonight it's risotto. Must be £15 worth, more next week. So kind of him, a small gesture which has made my weekend!


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9 Replies

  • Oh lucky you! That sounds delicious, and such a thoughtful gift 😊

  • And if these are seconds goodness knows what the best of essential are like. Wish I could share it all out!

  • Taste will be the same, it'll just be the appearance. I lived in Valencia for a while and at first the appearance of the fruit and veg in stores was a shocker, but they tasted 100 times better than the 'beautiful veg' we get in the UK.

    They also stocked what was in season instead of trying to maintain the same choice the year round. Most healthy diet I've had living there, loved the food.

  • Oh I bet! I remember when I was a kid, you didn't get strawberries all year, but the ones we had were delicious as they were in season. How amazing to have lived there! I bet you miss it...

  • Yeah, really enjoyed it while we were there, biggest regret was the timing of the move, we left just before they hosted the America's cup and later on the F1 Grand Prix was held there. Our old apartment overlooked the track, literally 6' away from the F1 track....oh well!

  • Oh no! We're massive F1 fans, that would have been incredible. How typical though!

  • Mmmm, some Asparagus sounds really delicious! :-) I hope you enjoy your risotto tonight. :-)

  • Hi Zest, it was lovely, thanks!

  • its nice with pasta and low fat cream cheese & onion. Sometimes I add salmon as well- lovely

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