Now that my mind is set on losing weight days of being good. I have had terrible cravings, I bought a cake for my aunt. And as I was craving something sweet I opened it yesterday, and had a slice. For breakfast I had another so to balance it out I had tea no sugar. I done all my housework including ironing had water when I felt hungry. And ten minutes ago I had grapes. Now that I have blogged about it I think I will not be doing that again. Let alone buying my aunt a cake. Cheese and crackers will have to surfice. Lol

I'm still shaking my head in self disgust.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Fatpanther

    We have all done it at times. The trick is to buy your Aunt the cake on the way to visiting her than it does make it to your house or better stil buy her some fruit. Now it happened just draw a line under it and get back on the wagon.

    If your having a bad day use the Daily Diary to record your daily plan to make you more accountable to what your eating.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Thank you I will

  • As you have had a really busy day and not had sugar in your tea I wouldn't worry about the cake as long as they are slices and not doorsteps lol.

    I think if we try and cut out all the stuff we really like we will end up with really bad cravings and instead of a SLICE of cake or a SQUARE of chocolate, it will be the whole cake or the whole bar of chocolate.

    Years ago Yorkie bars used to have 7 chunks and I used to buy a bar a week, put it in the fridge and every day I had one chunk, out of my calorie allowance and I found I never craved chocolate at all that way. I managed to lose about 3 stone but unfortunately I put it all back on over the years and a bit more to keep it company lol.

    Just count tomorrow as a new day and don't worry about today.


  • Hi Fatpanther

    Don't beat yourself up, it's done and over, draw a line and carry on. We all have bad days.

    But just so you know you don't have to give up anything, I haven't cut out any food completely but I count calories so you can have cake as long as you add it into your calories, I do sugar swaps, found a recipe for low fat/low sugar cake, I have a really bad ice cream fetish and I allow myself some as a treat but I make sure I have enough calories left to justify my treats. My fitness pal app is great if you want to count calories

    Good luck xx

  • Thank you debs2510 and katmt you have encouraged me and given me food for thought. It is strange how psychologically when you do set your mind on achieving a goal that is basically a slight readjustment in our behaviour we tend to crave things we may not have eaten in years. Last night it was a Cadbury' Boost and a double Decker. Showing my age now but I've not had one of those in over 10years.

    I knew this was going to happen. But "hay-ho upwards and onwards".

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