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What accountability mechanisms do you use


So I want more accountability in my dieting.

I live alone so I don't feel I have anyone or anything to counteract the little voice in my head going "eat ALL the food"

I think weight loss groups might help but don't really want to follow their (weight watchers/slimming worlds) plans

Any ideas?

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Here! What day weighin are you part of?


Hi thero_cpd,

We have several ways to keep accountable here:

1. Join a weigh-in.

2. Join the Daily Diary

3. Join any, or all of the challenges.

4. Commit to supporting others on the forum, which helps to motivate and inspire.

Try them, you won't regret it :)

Beth_19Healthy BMI

put encouraging messages on the front of your cupboards, fridge, freezer etc anywhere you keep food. that way when you go to get something bad you see the positive message to stop yourself and think about how well you are doing and that you don't need the snacks and extras.

Hi thero

You did make me smile a lot where you said, ' ......to counteract the little voice in my head going "eat ALL the food" 😄 Lol. I get moments like that where I could clean out the cupboards/fridge in one go. But, I haven't !!

Yes, I think dieting is a lonely road, even not living alone. This time round my hubby needs to diet too, so we're a small team.

I'm doing my own calorie controlled diet and have lost 1.5 stone in 10 weeks. It's going great and I love this diet, but have now reached a sticking point, so need to readjust calorie intake now I'm lighter.

This site is invaluable for sharing ideas/experience, recipes, exercise etc. and for receiving encouraging support and friendship. As with most things, you gain more, the more you join in.

Visual aids are my big thing. I don't use my computer for tracking my diet, I prefer a dedicated, pretty notebook and keep a food journal, complete with stickers and stars etc. This is really useful because when one week has not been so good, I can repeat a good weight loss week. I also keep a paper graph which is really encouraging to see the weight drop each week.

So, don't eat All the food, come and spend time here 😀⭐️

Hahaha, I've just read your post, 'I hurt my bum at the gym' 😀 I relate to that, see my post, ' A light hearted but cautionary tale...........'

TrimmerteacherHost in reply to Chuckyegg

Love these ideas, Chuckyegg. Pretty diary and star charts - could work for me. Will try when I get back from my hols.

Thanks Trimmerteacher. Be as creative as you want, visual eye candy is a great motivator and pats on the back in the shapes of stars or trophies is very satisfying 😊

Enjoy your holiday. 😎

Find someone to weigh in front of. I didn't do that at first but now I do. I used to pay someone but now my husband stands there. It's better if it someone whose opinion you care about.

I don't really have anyone to do that :/ but its more I wish I had someone with me 24/7 saying "dont eat that family pack of cadbury fingers" really not a smart move that I moved 3 doors down from a one stop shop lol

EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to thero_cpd

It is really difficult when you are alone. I am the same on he way home from work. I used to secretly go to chip shop and then come home and eat tea. When I changed my lifestyle I changed my route home in the winter as 11 potential food sources were calling me over. Now the route I take has only 2 potential ones and I smile as I drive past. Don't have junk in the house, don't buy it. No one will ever have someone holding their hand 24/7 - we all have to do it for ourselves and you can too!

It's a little hard to change the route. My house is 3 doors down from the corner shop, my work is opposite the cornershop.

Location location location eh lol

EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to thero_cpd

I just meant the willpower has to come from within!

Hidden3 stone

Hi thero_cpd

Firstly I hope your bum has recovered🙈🙊🙉

Now I think you should be accountable to us on the forum 😆 every time you hear that naughty sabotaging voice you post on here, or answer a post giving someone encouragement or support or just have a chat there's pretty much always someone about and we can definitely chat 🙊

I regularly come on here to stop the evening snacking 😱😇

You can do this xx

Lizzie-b2 stone

I live alone since my children left home and key for me is being prepared , organising what I'll eat and having it ready to go . At least living alone you literally cater for yourself and don't have the crisps and biscuits in the kitchen that other family members might want. If you've got food ready there's more chance you'll eat that if you're in the right mind set. If you're not prepared , that Cadbury 's will be calling ...good luck!

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