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Missed Friday Weigh-in

Although I weighed myself yesterday I missed posting my loss 😄😄 last week weighed 12 st 4.8lbs after gaining, this week weigh 12st 1.6lbs so well chuffed with myself. I just had to see it in black and white. Next week I won't be able to post as will be away for few days, hope to not over indulge too much. After reading through the Friday weigh-in posts you are are all such an an inspiration and all the support I received last week really spurred me on to keep on track thank you all! Liz

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Glad you found the posts encouraging Eam2010 and very well done on your weight loss 😊

Thank you for letting us know, if you keep a record and then weigh in on the next Friday you're home we simply divide by number of weeks to get the average. The important thing is to enjoy your trip and eat mindfully, enjoy your food without going mad. Hopefully such an excellent loss will be your inspiration 😊

Best wishes


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Morning Eam2010

You may off miss the weigh in but you have done fantastic, well done you. A 3.2lb loss is brilliant going and you should be chuffed with yourself.

For further reference the weigh in is open until 10pm, then admin close it so I can do the stats.

Have a good week away.


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Thanks for the info, you all do a great job

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