Any Mayonnaise replacement tips?

I'll be heading home in a couple of weeks and am trying to plan ahead and come up with some strategies for coping with the transition. My at work diet is basically all about picking the best bits from the provided meals as all meals are catered. I've got a good handle on that so no issues.

However, once I head home I will be doing pretty much all of the cooking, and the choices expand out to pretty much anything I want, so it's going to get complicated. One of my issues in the past is to go overboard with stuff I just can't get at work, everything from decent bread, any and all pork products, hmmmm, maple bacon or BBQ pulled pork etc. etc.

So, my plan is to put a load of effort into meal plans so that I can control calorie intake and still provide an exciting meal selection for my wife and son. I've also been thinking about my eating habits and trying to figure out those little things that can add a load of calories to the day, and I've discovered that I am a Mayo Monster!

Never really thought about it before but I can add mayo to pretty much anything I can fit in my mouth. I'll need to get a handle on that and was wondering if anyone had any tips for a serial dipper? Maybe a home made version rather than the mega bottles bought in bulk off the shelves?


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  • I also love mayo but choose to have just a little rather than go without. Psychologically, if something is banned I want it more!! Lol 😊

    Have a little faith in yourself Stevo5585 you are smart and clearly enjoy cooking, have some fun researching different foods and recipes. Strong flavours and seasoning stop the food becoming dull and feel more satisfying 😊

    In particular, Asian cookery is especially suited to a healthier way of eating 😊

    Enjoy your time off and days at home. Your wife won't recognise you!!

  • I try all sorts of thing to replace mayonnaise. 0% or low fat Greek yoghurt with stuff in makes a great dip. Try horseradish sauce mixed in, or lime juice/ lime zest and ground cardamom and chopped coriander , sometimes needs a tiny squirt of honey. Those are my favourites for on a jacket potato or roast veg. You can pretty much put any of your favourite things in - garlic, chilli, spring onions etc etc

  • For me, there is only one mayo and that is Hellmanns Mayo ( 101kcal per 14g portion). Nothing else has that rich, creamy taste and smooth silky texture. So, I buy the Light version (40kcal per 15g portion) and use it sparingly, i.e. not with every meal. Sometimes I use less mayo and mix in a mild mustard to it for extra flavour.

    They also do a Lighter Than Light version, (11kcal per 15g portion) but I really disliked the jelly texture and total lack of flavour on this one.

  • I love mayo, thought I was fine as I was using the Heinz light but decided to weigh it one day and goodness me you don't get much for 40 cals! I'd suggest weighing it till you know what a portion looks like! Good luck with your continued weight loss while you're at home 😀

  • I love mayo Stevo5585 so I have it as a treat or to add calories when I am trying to make some up. However in a sandwich I have got used to a sprinkle of black pepper instead. Obviously it took time for my taste buds to get used to it but now I really love it

  • Hello, what challenges eh, you don't say where you are coming home from, I tend to use creme fraiche, as a compromise between cream and greek yoghurt, it fits in well with curries and stuff........................long gone are the full fat cream sauces, that just ooze cream!

    I do still use mayo tho a very small amount, only in such things as egg mayo in sandwiches or in say prawn mayo on a baked potato.

    There are some lovely recipes out there, which aren't special diet foods, or seem to deny you check them out, making a lovely slowcooker lasagne, great stuff, all the flavours of a normal one, and a reasonable portion too.

    My biggest tip and prob for a few others is to buy stuff in portion packs, I tend only to buy rolls of a certain size these days too, cooking a few veggie recipes that seem to have lots of veg in them and relatively low cal too, good luck , portion control is half the battle!

  • Reduced fat humous is nice, different flavours in asda, tend just to eat salad and steamed veg as they come now. just season meats with dry things, dolmio as alright, just got to figure out the portion sizes. Use a side plate or childs plate easy to see when full up 😊good luck and safe trip home!

  • I tend to find nibbling, unless on raw veg fatal, nut packed for me tho

  • I have made yogurt based substitutes, but more lately have moved over to balsamic based dressings which are quite nice and tangy, make salad enjoyable and lovely over tomatoes! Try a few different ones - there are some interesting low-fat salad dressings out there.

  • Some great ideas coming, thank you very much. I have always enjoyed veggie dips too, salsa's, salted tomato and onions, avocado, eggplant. Should have been a Mexican I think. Problem with the dippy stuff is getting the portion control right as others have said.

    Was thinking of trying to make some chili sauces too, grew some chili plants a while back and they were real nice right up until I found the one chili that all the heat had been hiding out in, whew, was that a surprise. I thought all the chilies off a plant would be a similar heat, turns out it doesn't work that way. Unfortunately I had a couple of friends round that meal, still trying to live it down.

  • Hi Stevo5585 I use Helmanns Lighter than light Mayo and find it tasty better than any other lighter Mayo on the shelf. The full fat version is definitely nicer, but I would rather have a bit more especially if you are a "Mayo Monster" :D I know there are some people that find this version not as good, but as I always say to the grandbabies... "Try it, you might like it!" Have fun in trying :D

  • I like mayo too,and They are such large jars,I like to finely chop lots of romaine lettuce,and also say toms,spring onions,with homemade salad dressing of just a tsp mayo,mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice,and white wine vinegar 50mls half oz cheddar cheese,mix into salad😊

  • How about full fat plain greek style yoghurt. This has the creamy texture, will still give you the fats that your body craves and needs but you won't use too much because it is slightly sour

  • I love mayonnaise as well I have mayonnaise light and since I am on a calorie counting diet it means I can have my mayo without feeling guilty

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