Planned blow out day!

After grinding away at the plan for three weeks yesterday I had a bit of a blow out. Had pancakes with my breakfast, a can of pop with dinner, and a pudding after lunch. Back on the straight and narrow today, but let me tell you, that can of 7-Up went straight to my head! The sugar rush was a bit of a shocker

Didn't break the bank by much, it was more of a psychological experiment to check my self control. With my limited menu options the healthy choices I am making are becoming very repetitive, so yesterday I thought I would indulge a little. I've seen too many positive side effects after three weeks to even consider falling back into my own ways, so back on it today and committed to it for the long haul.

I saw it as a safety valve, letting off a little pressure in a controlled manner rather than having it build up until going off like a bomb in a frenzy of torn biscuit packets and ripped chocolate wrappers.


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19 Replies

  • Congrats at reaching the end of 3 weeks Stevo and glad to hear about all the positive changes.

    It can be difficult enough without having your limited choices so it seems to make sense to let your hair down a bit.

    Interesting what you said about the 7-Up.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Tiggerr, the 7-Up reaction was a bit of a surprise, but then again I have really reduced my sugar intake over the last 3 weeks so it would have been a big jolt to the system, think there's something like 12 gms of sugar in every can.

    Interestingly enough I just added up my cals. for yesterday (I wasn't really counting as it was a planned event) and it came in at 126 cals. BELOW my upper limit BMI figure!

    So now my conscience is clear as well!

  • That's a pleasant surprise. Goes to show that you might be able to improve your variety whilst you're out there.

    I still include pancakes and puddings in my day to munching, although the pancakes will normally be savoury... but no always.

    Good luck with the mayo dilemma.

  • It's good to have a little variety, and well done on your self restraint!! 😊

  • Well these things happen Steve, avoid those nasty carbonated drinks too!

    Yummy pancakes at home, try this ( per person) 1 banana , 2 eggs, blended, fry with one cal or spray olive oil, add a bit of honey if needed, I tend to add a teaspoonful, add fruit, I use red frozen fruits or kiwi, I tend to make about five little ones, a nice filing breaky

  • Sounds good, my breakfast choices here are dire, so I'm basically having 2 boiled eggs and a small portion of beans every day, tres boring!

    I'll give those banpancakes a go Diana, thanks for the tip.

  • So just where are you, stick on an oil rig or some such place?

  • Not as luxurious as a rig, I'm on a well services site so all the grub is brought in from our main camp which can be an hours drive away sometimes! Did some posts on the food I get, The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate a couple of weeks back which shows what we get on a daily basis, totals out at around 6-7 thousand cals so you have to pick your poison!

  • Yes I did see that, I'm assuming your in the states, doesn't sound uk based on your choice of words and stuff!

  • Ah, longer story on the American influence. Mum and Dad worked in North Africa while I was growing up, so went to an American Grade school till I was 10, then onto a boarding school in Harrogate, N. Yorks. Picked up the American twang from an early age and it isn't helped by working for an American company. I like to think of myself as a Mid Atlantican!

  • No normal folk use the words pop, here in the uk, or other phrases, I prefer carbonated ( even thinking about it, sums up possible bloating).

    Check out the recipes /snacks page has some fab ideas.

    I prob need to post a few recipes, it's amazing how inspiring and to keep on track it can be

  • I have a blow out every week after weigh in and keeps me on track and I lose without fail

  • I sometimes do, I just have cheat days every now and then, meals out and stuff are as they happen tho

  • This made me smile Blackie12345 , I can just picture you waiting for the weigh-in to be over keeping the blow out bag within easy reach next to the scale :D You seem to have success doing it your way..... enjoy :D

  • Hello Stevo....... I was very interested in your idea of 'controlled manner' ......... I think you may have hit on something really helpful to me. Rather than the 'frenzy' of complete abandonment and carnage in the chocolate crisp or other department..... 🌋 Life really IS too short to deny yourself that custard slice, fresh crusty roll, etc. If you 'really' want it, but it could be a win win situation, by having something you really do want you have the luxury of eating and enjoying it, and releasing that pressure valve at the same time.... cheers, made me feel better ! ☺️

  • Its true, and the damage was not that bad, as mentioned I didn't exceed the upper limit of my BMI recommendation, but it felt like I was really pushing the boat out as I had become good at hitting the lower limit. That extra gave me the leeway to indulge without feeling like I had failed.

    I really think what's very important is to figure out a way to do this long term. To be honest although it's a 12 week program I'm already mentally looking at it for 6 months or a year. And if it goes on for that long it should be easier to transition into practicing a healthier, permanent lifestyle rather than the weight loss program.

    I'm a ways off that yet, but just the fact that I was discussing it with my wife was scary and exciting at the same time.

    Hope it works for you Trierisme.

  • I have to let everything relax a bit sometimes too. I started with the 12 week plan, but going for just over 6 months now. Realistically I'm going to be doing weight loss for a year. I just couldnt keep that up. So now I stick to the lower end of the calorie range during term time, and every school hols I go for the higher end, ie maintenance, and not weighing myself. Its been pretty good so far - Easter has been the only hol when I didnt manage to maintain, and I see it as good practice for when I finish wanting weight loss and just want to stay the same. I think mentally preparing like that is the best way - like you say, we are practicing the transition into a new lifestyle.

  • Hi Steve,I got fed up with repetitive menu,so mixing and matching,and trying diff veg like squash,sweet potatie,instead of carrot and peas☕😊

  • Hello ary88, I absolutely agree 👍 I batch cook and freeze; bolognese, home made soup, jambalaya etc. and yes I thoroughly enjoy them, BUT, even so, I tend to eat from the same palette, roughly 5 different meals, and dessert is ALWAYS, apple, blackcurrants and yoghurt, which again is really nice, but we're human and we get jaded, there is, I feel, a real need to change things around as you say, try different vegetables, use different fruit, a couple of different spices even. Your comment has made me spend time doing just that, as I'm in it for the long haul and it will really help to shake things up and keep me on the straight and narrow..... best wishes to you, Trierisme x

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