Progress pic for last 3mths

Progress pic for last 3mths

3 months ago i put some pics on for my progress since Dec 16.... this pic is the difference in the last 3mths.

I joined a weight management course at the gym and have upped my exercise a lot !

In the last 3mths ive only lost 11lbs and i currently weigh 17st 3lbs now.

Ive still a long way to go but the last few months have shown me that its not just about what the scales say and is more about what the tape measure says !

In the last 3mths ive lost 8" off my waist and 6"off my hips.

My goal is to be a comfortable size 14 by the end of the year !

☆☆ I WILL DO IT ☆☆

This is post from 3mths ago..


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75 Replies

  • Woo hoo! Lovely lady! You are looking so fab. I can really see how much smaller you are. I would have preferred the before on the left though as when I looked at it I thought omg she is getting fatter! Well done my friend, love ya x

  • true... i should have put other way around haha !

  • 8 inches off your waist - that's loads more than me!

  • Wow, Claz! What a difference! Well done you!! :)

  • thankyou... its been hard work doing all the exercise but worth it when i see a pic like this x

  • you look amazing, and should be very proud of yourself.. keep it up and you will soon be where you would like to be :)

  • thankyou... im just taking it slowly and eating healthy so hope to get there by end of the year x

  • Well done, wonderful picture you look fantastic xx

  • thankyou x

  • Looks a very noticeable difference to me, looks more than 11pounds but clearly it's lots of inches! Well done, keep on trekking ....

  • thanks.. my trainer is constantly telling me not to look at the scales and just look in the mirror ! i feel so much more fitter and can do so much more now !

  • Brilliant Claz the toning is very obvious and now suddenly all those gym sessions must seem really worthwhile- keep going 😀

  • yes definately Nic... its been hard to keep going but now i can see the difference i got too keep going now..

  • Well done. You must be delighted👏👏👏

  • i am... long way to go yet but getting there...

  • Hi there Claz you look lovely in both photos, I can see the difference between the two photos.

    Well done you, the inches off​ also, a great result Claz.

    Hope you are happy with yourself 🌹💐


  • thanks George... im hoping by end of year i will look a lot slimmer but im really happy with how its going so far !

  • You are welcome, just go slow and steady.

    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  • Amazing! You must be delighted well done and keep up the good work.

  • thankyou.. i am well happy !

  • What a difference 😊 Amazing and 8 inches off your waist!! That is incredible.

  • thanks Gill... least u can see i am exercising even if my steps dont always look like it haha!

  • you look amazing, thank you for sharing as it is inspiring :)

  • thankyou.. I just want to show that scales arnt what matters ... and its the tape measure that is more important !

  • Very true and what a great example. If I had to guess how much you'd lost I would have put it way higher than 11 lbs.

    Well done Claz, very inspirational.

  • wow congratulations you can really see the difference! good luck with the rest of the weight loss plan

  • thankyou and good luck to you too x

  • Fantastic difference Claz you deserve to be so proud. Good look getting to your goal.

  • thanks.. the effort is definately worth it.. i feel healthier than i ever have and the c25k running must be helping too !

  • wow, that is impressive Claz, you really don't look as though your in the 17's. You are doing amazingly well :)

  • thankyou... 6mths ive been sticking to this now.. its a slow process but worth the wait ..

  • WOW and Well done Claz what a lovely reminder of how far you've come. Looking good.. Sure you look better from the front too!!

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • thankyou... i will post a front view in my next 3mths progress pic.

  • Wow Claz you look amazing. You will certainly succeed the very best of luck to you xx

  • thankyou Liz... hope your having a good break x

  • WE are, will have to get back into a healthier lifestyle, but enjoying it, very relaxing. Xx

  • Wowzer you look amazing

  • thankyou x

  • The 11 pounds certainly shows! Well done Claz!

  • thanks Grannynise. hope your having a good week x

  • Wow!! Inspirational, well done thank you for sharing 👍 Great results, def seeing your changes has inspired me to keep on track . 😃

  • im so glad it has inspired you.. just keep going even if the scales arnt moving much !

  • Looking fab! 🎉

  • thanks Aquahol - hopefully ww will see some pics of you soon too x

  • Well done, you can really see the difference. Looking forward to the next one when you have done your Race for Life 5k and maybe train towards one of their 10ks next year!!!!!

  • thanks x.. ive only 6 weeks now until my 'race for life' but definately recommend the c25k app to anyone as it has got me running. but i am already thinking about what i could do after that and thinking 'pretty muddy' maybe !!!

  • Well done - an amazing difference, but what I particularly noticed was the difference in posture and attitude. Your May photo is definitely a power pose with your hands on your hips - Wonder Woman getting ready for action!! All your hard work is certainly paying off in more ways than one. :) :)

  • thankyou... i do feel like a bit of a wonderwoman now my body shape has changed and i am a lot more confident xx

  • Very well done. Truly inspirational. Look forward to next pics.

  • thanks.. i definately recommend taking pics as you think your not changing then you see the difference and it keeps you going.

  • Hi, looking great girl. You certainly dont look the weight you say you carry on and you will achieve your goal . Well done.

  • thanks.. thats why i go on a height-waist measurements rather than weight to really monitor my progress.. but i still weigh in here every week here on this forum but dont worry too much if my weight doesnt change.

  • Wowed Claz you look amazing! The exercise is really paying off and you seem to be enjoying it too so should make this easier to stick to 😀😀

  • thanks Fran182716 - i do really enjoy the exercise which has helped me stick to the plan x

  • Well done you can do it :) x

  • thankyou.. i will try my best x

  • Wow, congratulations! This is a big difference in just 3 months, very inspiring. Thank you for posting it. :-)

  • thankyou.. it just shows what a difference you can make in just 12 weeks if you stick to it !

  • You have done so well keep up the good work.

  • thankyou x

  • Very well done not easy but very rewarding all the best lonney

  • thankyou x

  • Wow congratulations, what a difference in a couple of months.

    Don't forget you will have built your muscles up loads and that will have an impact on your weight, I think lol.

    You must feel so proud of losing all those inches, I know I would be.

    Carry on like this and you will lose the rest without any problem


  • thankyou ...i am proud of myself and yes i think i will have gained muscle which will make me heavier... i will stick with itx

  • You look amazing claz - well done. You can really notice the difference 👏👏🎉

  • thankyou. hope your doing ok too x

  • You're welcome 😊

    Yes thank you 🙏

    Have a lovely evening 🌷

  • Wow, Claz - you look amazing - so much difference between the photos, and all those inches lost. Incredible. You are looking good! :-)

  • thankyou x

  • Fantastic!! You're changing shape so quickly :) well done x

  • Claz , it seems unbelievable that a person can change shape soo muchin such a short time, but we all know that it came with hard work and dedication and perseverance!! Congratulations and Jubelations when you tell everyone to look what you have done..... (Cliff Richard will forgive me for changing those words :))

    I am on the same mission as you...... Size 14 at the end of the year. Lets do it !!!!! Have a great one

  • thanks.. it has been hard work.. ive been at the gym 5 days a week and also started the c25k app as well and now on week 5... ive never been more determined in my life to make this work this time. Good luck with hitting your goal too.

  • wow Claz. That is an amazing. I had to look twice as the pic got me confused and then I was like what an achievement. I hope you reach your goal by the end of the year xx

  • Hi Claz,

    Thanks for the advice you've given me and your photos are truly inspirational.


  • what an amazing difference! And so great that the inches make the difference, not just the scales! We'll done. You must be so proud of yourself for getting this far!💪

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