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Daily Diary

Hope I'm posting this to right place. I have been reading posts very helpful I will get the IT part right soon. I had Mushrooms that I stuffed with cauliflower, pre chopped from store which I mix with chick peas egg and and a sprinkle of cheese and herbs tomato on top. I baked them yesterday and had some hot for dinner which has now made left overs for breakfast. Put me in mood for rest of day this week has been difficult but back on the rails which is only place to be. Thanks for all your great posts in dairy.

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Unfortunately, Enjoylife, you haven't posted in the right place.

My guess is that you're using a mobile and have clicked on "Write a post"

Go back to the Daily Diary thread, scroll right down to the last reply and where you see Reply, write your post in the box, which says 'leave a comment......'

I hope this helps :)

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Thank you

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You may not have posted in the right place but those stuffed mushrooms sound yummy.


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