HELP PLEASE When you exercise does it come off calorie count?

Hey Guys

Just a quick question, on myfitnesspal i'm logging my calories, and when I exercise it takes them off the total

For Example yesterday:

This is how it is displayed:

14,000 - 1,520 + 201 = 81

Goal Food Exercise remaining

With the programme and sheet do I put I never achieved my 1,400 goal?




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4 Replies

  • This question comes up time and again, manni, which is why we always suggest that you get your calorie allowance from the NHS BMI calculator, with your exercise already programmed in and stick to it! No need to add or subtract! Much easier! :)

  • so the goal doesn't need to be 1,400 it is based on what we eat and exercise with the BMI calculator? for me? right?



  • Put your details into the NHS BMI calculater, ie gender, age, height, weight, usual amount of exercise. You will be given a calorie range, which doesn't change, until you lose weight.

    1400 calories is a generic amount for women, so a personal amount, tailored to your requirements, is preferable.

  • i use myfitnesspal to record my calories, but ignore the fact I have gone over what I should eat as I use the NHS BMI range to determine that

    therefore today MFP has said I am 102 cals over my target at 1640 but NHS BMI range states I should be between 1463 and 1881 cal so therefore I am in mid range :) however I still need to log something so I will be nearer 1800 once I log that - which is still in my range :)

    Hope that helps

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