Calories when not exercising

Hello friends!

Has anybody had to stop exercising regulary due to injury? If so...did you carry on losing weight? Did you lower your calorie intake? (I never eat beyond the 1400-1450 cal recommended).

I plan on trying to swim (ugh, boring boring) and maybe pilates if I can afford it .

Oh, I was running 3x week 46 min (including 5 min warm up and 5 min after, walking).


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20 Replies

  • When you ran the NHS BMI calculator originally you would have had to put your current level of exercise. If you ran it again and chose a level of exercise that matches what you'll be able to do now then I'd expect it to give you a new range.

    Sorry to hear about the injury, I hope it's not serious and that you get better soon.

    Good luck!

  • Nothing serious....a tight butt haha. But can't run. I tried the NHS calculator, but as I'm a healthy BMI, it doesn't give any more info

  • Ahhh! It has to be lower, I guess. A case of sucking it and see.

  • Btw, I've never enjoyed swimming in a pool, only in the sea. Problems with my lower spine make it unwise to try running again. That is until now and I think maybe it's because I've become fitter at doing it. When I started in Jan I could only do 50m without stopping and even then everyone and their hamster were swimming past me. I didn't enjoy, trying not to drown as I went from one end to the other.

    Now I'm fitter, I'm up to 1.2km without stopping. I find that it's just like running (though without the view), in that you get into a rhythm and into a kind of personal zone.

    Good luck finding what's good for you.

  • Yes I do agree....It's finding the rhythm. But not me.

  • Good thing you don't pitch up at my pool... I'm afraid it's speedos and goggles... if you don't feel like swimming now then that would put you off for good. I'm sure numbers have gone down at my local pool, since I started :O

  • I feel the same about running..... Can't stand being hot and sweaty. This is why I like swimming! :)

    Good luck finding something you enjoy.

  • As you're already on the minimum number of calories recommended, Gobbolino, I hesitate to suggest reducing to compensate for the lack of exercise, however, I think you will probably have to do something, even to maintain your weight.

    Either look at an alternative exercise, or look at changing what you eat, for a short while, eg, reducing your carbs?

    It really is a case of trial and error, though, so wish you every success and a speedy recovery :)

  • Thank you so much. Yes, I plan on being extra careful until this is over. Bummer....I was doing so well!

  • Fingers crossed that it won't be for too long :)

  • In addition to stretching hamstrings and thighs, to ease the tightness in your derrière, particularly if it's felt in the lower region, stretch out your piriformis.

    Simply stand side on to wall for support, cross one leg so that the outer ankle rests above the knee of the straight leg. Once in position, bend the straight leg, allowing a stretch to be felt. Hold the position for up to 10 seconds (or for as long as you're able), before switching sides.

    As for calorie intake, although you consider swimming to be boring, its participation will ensure that you remain active, expending calories as a result, so there's probably no need to reduce intake.

  • Thank you Mr Nice guy!!!! So maybe I will try that swimming....and def the stretching. Exactly what the physio said today. Strengthen and stretch.

  • The piriformis is often neglected during stretching, but targeting the muscle may just provide it with the release needed.

  • I have been doing so as it provides me with relief. But the pain has gotten worse, now going round to the groin and down the leg. This is why I've decided to give running a break, snif (it's been so hard to get here).

  • Injuries certainly are frustrating, as they affect mental and physical health.

    Has your physio given any suggestion as to the root of the problem?

  • Probably overuse....😬

  • Oh, and not strong enough glutes and imbalance

  • Fingers crossed, the strengthening exercises recommended will help to correct the imbalance, allowing you to get out running again

  • Try this website- I have used it myself and find it simple to use and easy to understand- it also helps you to work out what your daily allowance of fat,protein & carbs should be as well as calories intake.

  • Sorry for the late answer. I will check it out for sure. Thank you very much!

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