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Story about my weight loss - The Gym

After sorting out my food plan, the next step to be successful with my diet was to get more active. And what is the most straightforward solution to get more active?? Join the gym. If you are Italian, the only period of the year where you are forced to go to the gym is the week before your summer holiday. You work out insanely with the funny idea you can get a bikini body in one week. After this, you forget the gym for the rest of the year. Who is happy to sweat, enjoy pain and stay indoor when you can easily enjoy beer and sunshine outdoor?

If I wanted to lose weight and maintain it, I knew I should have started with a serious work out plan way before my summer holiday in August. It was a boring Sunday afternoon in April 2016 when I bought the membership to access the Sport Centre facilities at the University of Nottingham. I joined one of the abs class straight after. After 30 minutes of abs, I was about to die when the instructor said that the Sport Centre offered FREE consultation for weight loss and FREE personal training. At the beginning, I thought I misunderstood. Which gym in the world offers FREE personal training? I asked again to double check and there was no misunderstanding, personal training was FREE.

The instructor measured my body fat percentage, blood pressure and, after 20 minutes, he had already made a weight loss plan for me! AMAZING! ANOTHER MIRACLE. Again, it was happening and for FREE. This is when Dean, the person who would have been my personal trainer along the way, joined my weight loss journey.

I am aware that I was lucky, not everyone has the amazing change I got last year. A personal trainer isn’t just a person who is telling you what to do. Dean was a lot more. He was supportive and motivating and made sure I could book section with him as much as I could. He transformed me from a fatty and lazy girl in a fitness superstar. And above all, he made me like the gym, he made me happy to wake up at 6.30 am when everything out there was dark and cold and the only place where you want to be is your nice and warm bed!

I understand that not everyone has the possibility to pay for a personal trainer or gym membership in the first place. So, I am enclosing this link. nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/... This is a FREE training given by the NSH designed to get you off the couch and running in just 9 weeks. They basically teach you how to be able to run 5 Km in 9 weeks (2 months). Running is FREE, doesn’t take too long, 30 minutes a day 3 times per week, and can be done everywhere. No excuses.

See you later.

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Hi teresina08

I'm so happy for you to have found a gym that is helping you and for free. The link in your post for the C25k is what a lot of members are already doing and it is so nice for them to see how it as helped you too.


I didn't know. I am actually training to run half marathon. I will join the group

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I'm enjoying reading your blog, teresina08 - and I agree, that the NHS LiveWell pages are great! The Couch to 5k is really good. Glad you're enjoying your journey, and looking forward to your next post.

Zest :-)

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I was also amazed how much I found for free along the way too. Weight loss feels so difficult it's easy to think it will be expensive too... I'm enjoying your blog. Looking forward to your next instalment :)


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