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Day three after week off work staying in our caravan.........did gain 9lb to my shame.....too much sitting about,alcohol and then the munchies......hopefully will go almost as quickly.......down 6lb already..........trouble with van is that we are there every weekend....socialising with neighbours with too much unhealthy food around........going to have to start staying in watching bit of TVs in evenings instead of mixing with friends.........who aren't overweight I might add😠


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  • Hi, can't you socialise without needing to eat with them? I am sure they will understand if you don't indulge - you don't want to just stay in watching tv as you will feel you're missing out. Good luck!

  • Well done on loss........I have lost near 5st mark over last two to three's after a few drinks I lose all sensibility......that is what I need to cut back on.......hard when others are all having a few......that's why I am going to try not to mix every weekend😃

  • I understand it is hard. I remember going at Xmas to a work do - bowling with a buffet. Every food was beige - crisps, pizza, nachos, nuggets, wedges. I could only eat the salad garnish! It is hard when everyone around you is eating junk. You do whatever is right for you to get thro it as long as it feels sustainable.

  • Hi Jeanjeanie1 Well done on getting rid of 6 pounds already!! Sounds like you know what to do.. You will be encouraged and get support on here to help you with your goals..

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • Why Ty......I know what to do it is sustaining in the long term I struggle with......good luck to you......this daily diary seems a good idea😃

  • Initially I was going to say "go out with your friends, just eat and drink sensibly" but then I realised that I'd forgotten my own journey.

    You may be right to take some time out, learn some good habits, feel good about yourself and generally become a stronger person (food and drink wise). Once you're 'stronger' then let your friends know who you are and start socialising again.

    That's just one road to travel down but without actually planning it, that's pretty much the one that I did.

    Good luck Jeanjeanie1

  • I am coming to conclusion that only way to go for me is to stay away from beige food and alcohol which appears every week when we go to caravan......will do me good to ease up and read a book and just enjoy days off........will c how I go this weekend 😃

  • If you find it getting hard, try posting here before nipping off to the fridge. Sometimes you might find that just the act of writing down your feelings is enough to calm them down.

    All the best.

  • Cheers fridge is not the's what others put out when socialising has got to be cut back on😃

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