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Hi, ive been feeling a bit down for the past few days so much so i unsubscribed from all emails as i didnt feel this was the right place for me to be . However ive decided to carry on regardless and pick myself up even though i may have differing views from others we all have the same aim at the end of the day and that is to lose weight and get fitter and healthier i tell things in black and white and the reason we are overweight is we eat the wrong kind of foods and too much and/ or dont do enough exercise but with the help and support we can change our lives round for the better.

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Sorry to hear that you've been having such a tough time, Blimp and I'm glad you made the decision to return.

The beauty of this forum, is the diversity of opinion, because it helps to give a balanced view and allows you to make your own decisions, based on a lot of information and experience from others. There are no right, or wrong ways to do it, only the best way for you.

Wishing you every success on your journey.

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Thank you for your advice it has helped a lot

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Welcome back, Blimp!

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Thank you i am glad to be back.

Hi Blimp, glad you decided to come back and I hope you find a system that works for you.

I agree with what moreless said about the different people here following different paths. In my case you'll tend to find me pushing the NHS 12 week plan but then, that's what has worked for me but I see so many others following quite radically different ways and making great progress.

Like you say, we've all got the same aim.

Good luck!

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Thank you

Itsbab4 stone

Hi Blimp I didn't reply when you joined as I had a bad few weeks trying to get back on track so a belated welcome from me now😊

Glad you logged back on we are a helpful bunch and there's always some advice and support when you need it.

I have been on my journey nearly a year, only diet/new lifestyle that's ever worked for me. Don't get me wrong it's a bit like sailing the seas sometimes it's lovely and calm, things go brilliantly then family crisis / hormonal issues / stress hit and we hit the storm, like myself trick is even if you go a little quiet on the forum just keep reading others posts and something will click some advice that brings you back on track.

Hope you stick with us and we can continue to exchange ideas and support each other.

Good luck and once again welcome. Bev💐

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Hi, thank you,your advice has been most helpful. I read lots of the posts and get a lot of encouragement and good advice from them. I have around a stone and a half to lose and what bothered me was i felt there was a difference between the amount of replies depending on the amount of weight you had lost or was wanting to lose. Weightloss is a battle and not an easy ride for all of us no matter what the amount So i thought whats the point being on here . Im glad you are back on track i know from personal experience it is very hard to do and i wish you well in your own journey and thanks again for raking the time to reply.

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No problem I hope you enjoy being part of the forum👍 Quite honestly I think it doesn't matter if it's 1/2 a stone or many stones people want to loose we are all doing the same thing helping ourselves feel better, get fitter, for me it was aching knees and hip which I must admit has lessened greatly also depression on being so unhealthy linked with family issues you forget about yourself in the days that go by.

Take information that suits you and use it, we are all doing things our own way anyway and in the end only you can do for yourself because you are worth it. 💐

Best wishes 😊

i find places like this are the best places when your feeling down, they give you support and show you that you are not alone, hope you are feeling happier. Chin up!

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Hi, thanks feeling a lot better except for a heavy cold . Your name made me chuckle being a classic pear shape myself.its good to hear theres support out there .Well done on your weight loss and thanks again

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