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feeling stressed

my oven blew last night the switch it was attached to melted, problem fixed this morning the switch to my hob doesn't work and wont be able to use it till I get paid, most of my cooking is on the hob, stir fry ,wholemeal pasta,homemade soup etc and all my shopping that came yesterday is based on the hob (sigh) going to work around it somehow, cereal fruit and wholemeal wraps anyone??

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I'm sorry to hear that, mum, but this could be your opportunity to get creative :)

Stews, casserole, roasted veg, baked fish, you'll have no problem whatsoever :)

Have fun experimenting :)


Could be right there ☺

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My sympathies - I'm also in a completely shambolic situation with an old baby belling with only one working hob. I got myself a second hob from a friend, it's really made a big difference! Try freecycle or ebay/gumtree - search for 'single hob'. Or it's a bit more expensive somewhere like Argos but you could pick something up same day for around £20. Don't panic! there's a solution to everything - including exploding cookers :)


You are right everything in perspective ☺ can't afford £20 till next Tuesday but 6 days is nothing compared to some people


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