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I'm sitting here worried about my weigh in at Slimming World today. I stuck to the eating plan, didn't go too much off course and then I was torpedoed....., by my other half.

I know he was trying to be nice and thought it would be a reward but when he walked in with a Domino Hawiian pizza and a grin my heart totally sank.

I had 3 slices, I felt bad not to, but now I feel 100 times worse as it has put my sin count in the stratosphere.

How do you explain to the people around you they need to stop buying the bad stuff as a reward?

My mum did the same today, "here have a chocolate bar and cheer yourself up"......, ummm love her to bits but I'm not sure how eating more calories on weigh in day is meant to 'cheer me up'. :-$

How do you get through to family members and friends who think calories equal feeling better?

Fingers crossed for weigh in....., hope all here are having a super week.

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I am the same, I show love and support by feeding people! My daughter is very slim but had to beg me to stop making such big portions.... I think it's a mum thing.

Mums - 'Oh your having a bad day, I'll cook your fav' or 'well done, I'll cook your fav'

Good luck with your weigh in


I think a lot of us are guilty of being 'feeders' and, culturally, the giving and receiving of food is synonymous with the giving and receiving of love.

It's up to us, to gradually retrain ourselves and our loved ones and plump for calorie free hugs instead! :)


I feel your pain in the past my hubby has come in from work after an awful day and be like - that's it I need takeaway! I start off protesting but eventually give in. Part of me feels he deserves it so I should play along but then I feel awful for doing so! Luckily he has started a health kick (enforced by illness) so it's not been an issue recently. But he often did it in the past even though he knew I was trying my best to stay on track. It's hard enough without people encouraging you to be bad.

Fingers crossed for weigh in - may not be as bad as you think and like they say one bad day doesn't have to make a bad week!


Suzie, make him a Hairy Dieters curry. He will feel very spoilt and certainly not deprived with an HD curry! He won't want takeaways again!

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This used to be a problem in our house too. When I first joined this group 2 years ago it was just before Easter and that year my husband bought me the biggest Easter Egg he could find! He kept coming home from work with different sweets as a 'treat'. Eventually I sat down with him and explained why I'd decided to eat healthy, I told him how uncomfortable I felt being overweight and how unhappy I was with the way I looked. It was something of a bearing of my soul moment I suppose but we discussed how he could help me achieve my goal and the result was very positive. He felt that he was pivotal in my lifestyle changes and I let him believe it.

Good luck..it's good to talk!


i had the same problem when i started eating better and exercising more with people offering me 'treats' or telling me i was doing too mucg... ... but now 5mths later i dont have this problem as everyone knows i mean business this time as they can see how happy i am now im fitter & slimmer.. in the past id been a yoyo dieter and think my family thought 'wonder how long this fad diet will last".... but this time they know i'm not doing any fad diets / no shakes / no slimming club just me in control of what i eat and when i eat it and i accept the consequences if i do give into temptation !

Your only human and life would be boring if you were good all the time and we all need the odd treat now and then to keep us going !

Good luck at your weigh-in !


Be straight with them and say can you buy me flowers? to OH , or can you buy me a nice shower gel? to your mum. If you don't tell them, how are they going to know? If they love you, and of course they do, they are not going to be upset by you telling them what would help you most. (After all, they wouldn't buy cigarettes for someone who was trying to give up smoking!)

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