Differences in a year

So, I have very little need for a summer wardrobe and I wear jumpers most of the year, but this lovely hot weather had me digging in the wardrobe for some short sleeved tops. I found one from last summer (Size 14) that I had bought for a last minute family holiday to Florida and I was delighted to try it on and find it loose all over.

It got me thinking about that time last year. As the holiday was such a spur of the moment trip - we went within a week of booking and got a great deal - I didn't have any time to lose any weight. I hadn't been on a foreign holiday since before my little boy was born, so I was apprehensive when I went under the bed to dig out my holiday clothes. And predictably, nothing fitted! So I had to go to a budget store and buy some shorts and floaty, light tops that would disguise my tummy a bit.

But I refused to let my weight get in the way of having a good time on holiday. So I stripped down to my cossie and played in the hotel pool with my son every day. We were near to Sea World, and I was concerned someone might try to put me back in the ocean, but it was fine and to be honest, nobody batted an eyelid at my pasty, overweight self, although people were amazed it was possible to be so pale. I had the holiday of a lifetime and I even managed to lose 2lbs as it was so hot and we were walking round the theme parks all day. It made me realise not to be so self conscious all the time and that people are too busy with their own lives to bother what I look like.

So, I came home and took steps to tackle my weight, small ones at first and then gradually lost over a stone. I went swimming and didn't care what I looked like in my swimming costume. And now, these tops that I had to buy in an emergency are getting too big. Taking steps to reduce my weight were important, but the biggest thing for me has been accepting my body for what it is and understanding that being overweight doesn't make me a bad person or a failure. Getting back up every time I fall off the wagon and being accountable to myself, by filling in my daily food diary, warts and all and most importantly, having the patience and strength to push through a long plateau and recognise when bad habits were creeping back in and gradually taking steps to reduce them. For the first time, I am just enjoying the journey and taking it one day at a time and 1lb at a time. And most importantly, I am getting there and I am happy.


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  • Oh what a lovely, inspiring post, lismcl! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    It's very true that we need to accept ourselves for how we are now, or we'll put our lives on hold, something that I wasted my younger years on!

    Enjoying the journey is what it's all about, not focusing on an end game and I'm so glad that you're now at that stage :)

    Keep up the great work and here's to your next holiday and a size smaller in clothes :)

  • I used to worry so much what other people thought about my weight, especially in my teens and 20s and I was actually much thinner than I am now. It does seem to be true that wisdom comes with age!

  • Snap! I look back on photos that started me on the yoyo dieting and realise I wasn't even overweight!!

    I suspect though, that as we age, being attractive is less important, because, generally, you're not trying to attract, or compete! :)

  • Yes, that's probably what it is!

  • Lisa i've only known you on here for 5mths now and you are one of the nicest people ive met here and so supportive to everyone. You are always so positive and i love our fitbit challenge group and hearing what youve been up too.. In my head i dont picture you being big at all and just a mum rushing around all the time and always being busy doing loads of steps !

    Just keep being YOU .. you are amazing xx

  • Aw, this has just made me tear up at work! Thank you, that is such a lovely thing to say and I love our fitbit challenges too and getting to know everyone a bit better. Pokemon features a fair bit in my updates, it's taken over my life!!

  • Pokemon got me back out and walking again!

  • Pokemon hunting gets my 5 year old off the couch! It's been great. I am a bit obsessed with it though!

  • Me too😳 competing against my 25 year old son!

  • They are the worst - loved it since childhood and uber competitive!! Although my 36 year old partner is not much better!

  • This made me smile 😊

  • Thanks!

  • Fabulous post lismcl really does tell us all to be patient and the rewards will come. So glad you enjoyed the holiday and that it focused your mind.

    Do you do anything particular for instance low carb, masses of exercise, count calories-just curios because everyone seems to do different things.

    Well done and feel justly proud.

  • I count calories mainly, but I have noticed I eat less carbs than I used to, just not low carb. I do a decent amount of exercise, I've been running 2/3 times a week, I swim 1/2 times a week and I go to a Zumba class. I also try and walk for at least 30 minutes a day but an hour if I can. I like to stay fit!

  • All of these post seem to apply to me over the years. I also thought I was fat when I was in my 20s and when I look at the photos I was fine and have probably been on diets ever since (I'm 66 now).

    I have decided to enjoy the journey instead of thinking of how much I have got to loose, someone asked me what is my target and I said I haven't got one, any loss is a bonus. I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes and able to go for long walks without aches and pains.

  • I love this Linda. I think I should take a leaf out of your book and chuck the target out! My initial target was quite vague anyway, based on my BMI, but yes, any loss is a bonus.

  • I think enjoying the journey, with all its meanders and finding new and wonderful food is such a good mindset.

  • I think it's great that you are enjoying he journey and that you can see progress in your clothes and how you feel. Well done, keep going! X

  • Thanks EllaMidlands!

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