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Got to be serious now!

Gave myself a good talking to and realised no amount of 'latest diet' books that are added to my book shelves will magically reduce my weight. I have to realise this isn't a quick fix and seriously change my lifestyle. Diets to me seem to be about deprivation which is why I am the greatest dieter EVER for 2 weeks, boast about my loss THEN hit the brick wall..... spend a day, two..... or three eating everything I have deprived myself of so back to square one!

You would think by my age (44) I would know better. I love home cooking, my fridge full of healthy foods, I eat plenty of fruit, veg, fish and poultry BUT for some odd reason in the evenings the temptation for multiple bags of crisps take over.

we are a family who open wine with meals in the evening and that often turns into 'forget the diet, I'll start tomorrow'.

I need to find something to do in the evenings to keep busy so ordered some tapestry items and registered for a cinema pass.

Any tips, advice or others experience would be much appreciated. x

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Hi Amanda,

My advice to you, would be to throw yourself into forum life. We run weigh-in's, a Daily Diary, challenges, all designed to keep you motivated, accountable and provide support and motivation.

There's generally someone around, for most of the day, so if temptation is calling, log on, read and reply to posts and become part of the 'team'. It's a lot easier working for a team goal, than is is just doing it by yourself, for yourself :)

Good luck! :)


Thankyou moreless. So much reading on this site and I have a day off today so plan on spending the day going through posts and pics etc.

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Ooh! That's me! I was great during the day, but once the kids were in bed...oh dear. Well, I have set myself a goal. I have a size 12 dress that I used to love before I got married and had kids. Over the years the weight steadily went on until I was a size 18/20, 16+ stone, and super unfit. I hated it and hated myself for being so weak willed. Anyway, I turned 49 in March and hated the thought of turning 50 next year and being so unhealthy and so overweight. So, I set myself a goal, that on my 50th birthday I would go out with my hubby somewhere nice and be wearing that size 12 dress. It's really worked! I'm a visual person anyway, so I made out a chart to record my weight and measurements, downloaded the app MyFitnessPal, where you can record your food and calorie intake (and tons of other stuff - It's free and brilliant). I also purchased a fitness band from Amazon that records steps taken and have been walking at least 10 - 15k steps everyday - that has kept me motivated. I have stopped eating altogether after 6.30pm and that's really important. I've so far managed to lose 2 stone, 3 still to go. I think the secret is to have a visual goal that you can see in your mind when you're tempted to cheat. Also it's really important to combine exercise with the change in diet so you feel better mentally as well as physically, so you're less likely to give up. Walking is great. I've recently started up the NHS C25K, which is hard but I'm feeling a real sense of achievement. I know I still have loads to go, but that's fine, I'm going to do it. And for me this is not a temporary change until I get to my ideal weight, this is a permanent change - that makes it easier too! Those are my tips and they're working for me!! Good luck!!


I could have written this! I completely empathise with everything you've said and also concur with Moreless when she suggests getting involved with this forum during the evening when temptation is greatest. Hopefully your tapestry will keep your mind off snacking.


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