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Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good day. Weather in Leeds a little cool this morning, but I wrapped up warm and took Alfie my puppy out to the redundant golf course for a solid hour and 45 minutes walking. Met a friend and her pooch in the park and sat laughing and chatting until 12.45. Nothing like exercise and a good chat/laugh to keep you motivated (and your mouth from consuming the wrong things). Just had a lovely hot bowl of soup to warm me up, so now to the laundry, sun has just come out.

More walking the rest of the week, so I'm being positive about next Monday weight loss.

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Well done BB, walking is excellent for health and well-being :)

Keep up the great work and I'm sure the scales will reward you next week :)

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Great that you're enjoying your walks, Bingbong10429 - like you say, enjoying exercise and a good chat/laugh is great for keeping you motivated.

Good luck for your weigh-in next Monday!

Zest :-)


Sounds like a great start to the day 😊


Sounds like a good day

Dog talks can be life enhancing

And hot soup is too

All the best for each day

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