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Good start to the week (so far)

Hi everyone I wanted to thankyou for giving me some good tips about checking my bmi as I was only having 1.400 calories a day. When I rechecked it my bmi is 30.5 shocking but I can have more calories each day, and I've been writing it on the daily diary here too. I have got a app on my phone which I use too but I find it's just as good to write on the forum in my lunch break when I've got my iPad. After the bank holiday weekend when all went pear shaped I feel back in control this week so hopefully I will see the result on Monday on weigh day. Another member got in touch about meeting up for walking as they live in Chelmsford too so I am thinking that will encourage us both. Hope everyone has a great day 😊

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That's fantastic news, upping the calories is always good, so glad you have found someone for walking with 😆 xx


Thankyou Katmt I think it will be easier to walk with another person and safer too at night. Have a great day 😊😊


Hi Kim58

That is the great thing about this forum we can all support one another and share any tips on the way. Glad to hear that you have got your BMI rechecked and now know you can have more calories each day. You sound like you have it well organised.

The bank holidays can be a danger zone with healthy eating the trick is if you can plan your meals ahead.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



That's great news Kim, it's a relief to be back in control, isn't it and you'll always find support and encouragement here :)

I hope that you and your new friend will have some lovely walks together :)


That's great news Kim58 😊 I'm so pleased the forum is helping


Hi Kim I'm now back from holiday if you fancy a walk in Chelmsford. I live close to Central PRk if that helps.


Hi jonesy123 I hope you had a lovely holiday yes it would be great to go on some walks maybe we could meet half way to start with. I live just off Broomfield road opposite KFC for my sins lol. What early evenings are good for you. I work until 4. I get home about 4.30. Or maybe a Saturday or Sunday suits you better just let me know😊


Hi if you could make a Saturday or Sunday that might be easier as I tend to work odd hours. What about next weekend - 10th or 11th?


Hi jonesy123 sorry for the late reply I have been off all week for half term and been busy with the grandchildren. I won't be able to make those dates you suggested as I have my grandchildren next week. I think it might be best during the summer holidays when I have a bit more flexitime I hope you are ok and doing well on the healthy eating. I haven't done so well myself this week lots of eating out meeting family and friends etc. 😊


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