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Going offline for a little while....I'll be back!

Coming up to the end of the third week in a couple of days, but I'm also having to move to a new site so everything will be packed up, loaded on trucks and on the road tomorrow. Won't have access to the satellite system to get online as it will be stowed away. Had a proper wobble this week but back in control, note to self, Snickers are not the way to happiness and fulfillment!

I will update once we get sorted at the other end, Gypsy boy signing off for now, have a good week everyone.

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try cutting snickers inti 4,

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The way I was feeling the last couple of days it was more like smashing 4 snickers into 1! Being run off my feet chasing down gremlins and missing lunch yesterday didn't help, but I feel good to have managed it and get back on track, even undercut my daily target yesterday to claw back some of the overrun on Sunday.


Hope the move goes well and comms are back up soon! Don't let the gremlins get you down. Take care mate 😊


All the best, Stevo, we'll look forward to catching up with you, when you're settled again and in the meantime, think happy thoughts and steer clear of the Snickers!! :)


Are you sure it's not the gremlins that are putting the snickers in your path, they're trying to sabotage your efforts I think!

Hope the move goes well. Am I allowed to ask what your line of work is?

Take care


Just the usual 'stuff going wrong at the most inopportune moment' gremlins keeping me on my feet and outside so I missed lunch.

I'm in charge of a remote operations gas well service site, we basically move onto gas wells after they have been drilled and prepare them for the production guys. Drilling rigs are expensive to run per day, so they don't want them hanging around for a month, cheaper to move them off and get us in to prep. the well for the production group to tie it in to the network.


It all sounds very busy and fascinating. It must be hard for you to be away from your family, although being the daughter of an army family, I know you all get used to it. Now a days I guess it's easier with the modern ways of being able to communicate with one another.

I'm sure you will be looking forward to getting home and having some real home cooked food.


Ha, yeah, still remember the 'good old' days where I would buy packs of Aerograms and write home, used to have to number them because they always got mixed up in the post. One call a week as it was so expensive, now it's all video calls, my wife rests her phone on the table when they are having tea so I can 'sit' and chat to them! I work about the same as everyone else, it's just that all my days off are clumped into 5 holidays rather than getting bank holidays, weekends etc.


Love the idea off you having a chat over tea, that's lovely😊


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