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Slimming World the key to loosing?


After much thought (and desperation) I have joined Slimming World last week Wednesday. It was a very positive experience and I did note the woman in charge was very good at turning negatives into positives, esp when someone gained a pound or two (unlike my experience with dietitians). She was also on her weight loss journey just like everyone else.

Though I found it positive and look forward to going again this coming week I can't help wondering.., is this the way to go? And if it is, does it show how out of touch the NHS dietitian service is with its patients?

I mean the most I have ever got from a dietician is 'eat salad' (which tastes foul to me) or 'The BIG Downer' on putting on a pound or two......, or am I the only unfortunate one to experience this?

Well all said and done I'm staying positive and actually managing to mainly stick to my new way of eating so far.

Fingers crossed this works for me and Good Luck to all you fabulous peeps who are trying to loose also.

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kath50Restart Jan 2020

I myself found slimming world good I lost weight and agree a few of the leaders were very positive the only problem for me then was because I did shift work and sticking to the same group every week, although saying that when I first joined the group I went to started at 8, so I was able to go there all the time but then that moved to a earlier time and dif venue and along with other personal thing I stopped going and gained.

Anything can work if your in a great frame of mind and have a lot of support behind you and now with a lot of things behind me I'm getting back into the zone 😀

My sister didn't have that problem where she lived and also lost and has kept hers off. I also have a friends that have done really well and lost a lot.

I did educate myself and obviously having your healthy a's and b's portioned my bread cheese etc and kept to limit of the Syns to have some treats, then again you have to be be very strict and listen to that fullness feeling as to when you have had enough with the free food and also some of the processed free foods I wouldnt have now the, muller light yoghurts (additives) I have natural yoghurt with fresh fruit I once heard that the company was one that sponsered slimming world.

I must admit I went along for the weigh in and commaradship and if that works alongside this forum it is your choice, and I still stick to some of their principles and it still helps me

So Good luck on your journey to x

in reply to kath50

Having helpful support where ever it comes from is such a big help

And also helps to be able to avoid the negatives

Gives us more strength to do the right thing


Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum serenityjcm

Good luck with SW and your weight loss journey 😊

Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of the forum. Please note if you are using the new HU App many of these features are not available so I suggest you use the full website version.

The first place to look is at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), read the Welcome Newbie thread first and move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you ☺

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Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as many people have had success with it. Also use the BMI checker to find your target calories, it's important to eat enough. This was a major turning point for me, realising I could eat anything I wanted as long as the calories are accounted for ☺

Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate ☺

The forum also have group weigh-ins every day, as well as a new Daily Diary, if you wish to take part. The posts can always be found in the Events section on the 'home' page ☺

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Best wishes


Morning! It's certainly worked for me. I've lost heaps of weight since I started going last August. I also invested in a smart watch a few months ago to give me the push I needed to get moving. For me, a sensible weight loss plan works, but I also need to exercise. I like the feelgood factor of going out for a run. Best of luck - you can do it :)


If you are enjoying it thats great I need the discipline of a group and being weighed each week and it's lovely to chat to others and get their encouragement

I started with WWs in January and found it was what I needed as I have no willpower The leader really inspires me with her chats

If it works for you then enjoy it and all the very best with your weight loss journey x

I think if you felt it was a positive experience then stick with it. Different styles suit different people. I think a lot of diets fail when you beat yourself up for having a blip let alone someone else criticising you. I know a lot of people who have a lot of good things to say about the SW programme (and no, I have no connection with SW at all:) )Also, as you say, their leaders have been through the process and know how difficult weight loss can be. I guess not all NHS dieticians are in the same boat.

I would imagine Slimming World is a 'real life' version of this site. You've got your scheduled meetings, food plans etc. Weekly weigh in, leader egging you on and supporting. It's face to face unlike here. If it fits in with your routine, you can make the meetings and the leader is enthusiastic I'm sure it's very successful. However just like here, if you don't post/go to the meetings, miss the weigh ins then it won't help.

A local SW to me has a very good leader who I know personally, she would definitely shame a stone or two of me, very keen, super sociable woman who connects with people and seems to know just how they tick, but I can't make the schedule work, so no good trying it out.

This place works better for me, lots of encouragement, weigh ins, the only thing you need to do to make it a success is to be honest with yourself and put the effort in.


I've never joined a slimming group in my life, i.e. Going to one! I did buy cook yourself slim books, and found them great, swapping stuff, and fab authors, I must admit Gissie Erksmie inspired me ( she's a fairly well known, hippy Asian/English Cook, very pretty too). There is a cook yourself slim site too.

Some have said rightly that their portion control doesn't exist, which I find odd, I find counting cals better ( ww use points), better lifestyles inspire better choices tho.

Check out bmr and bmr calculators too

I've lost two stone with slimming world, I need the discipline of someone weighing me once a week! I think I would lose much more and easily with it if I actually stuck to it to the letter! Interesting study results this week show that committing longer term to a weight loss programme (52 weeks rather than 12) is a much more effective way of losing and keeping the weight off . Good luck! X

HappyBeee3 stone

I know lots of people who have sustainably lost stones and stones of weight at slimming world! So good luck to you, I hope you're excited about the positive changes ahead! One caveat for me though - some of the rules allow for white bread, white pasta, white rice, noodles and other (what I deem) junk. Might be a good idea to adapt that rule and try to lean towards healthier versions. Just an idea! But I know you'd probably feel better for it. Good luck to you and can't wait to follow your journey! Woo!

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