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End of Week 2

IT haș been an incredibly busy week at work , so it has been challenging to find the time to do my workouts and fix healthy meals but I managed - did my best in the circumstances:)

I have lost another 1 and a half kg this past week so I am quite happy !

I did do the mistake of walking into the Hotel Chocolat shop this weekend and bought my favourite milk chocolate covered almonds with the idea of havin one every now and than .... bad idea - unfortunately they are all gone - thank goodness I only bought a small pack :))

Looking forward to my 3 rd week on this adventure - less busy so feeling hopeful:)

Best of luck everyone for the coming week !

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Hi Anarusky

Sounds like you did great losing 1.7kgs while dealing with a busy week at work, well done.

We have all made that mistake thinking we can control ourselves but it never works. The best way is not to have them in as that moment of weakness and they are all gone.

Good luck with your 3rd week.



Well done, great result!! Good job you didn't buy a big packet.


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