I said no!

so yesterday was day two and I knew I would be over my calorie count before the day began! Almost 500 over and with a BBQ later today would be iffy enough!

husband went to collect kids and came home with a chicken and ham pie!😮 oh I was droolin! I so could have eaten half of it! But instead chose to finish my coffee and have no lunch (had brown toast and banana for breakfast around 11, so still not really that hungry)

just happy I had the strength to say no and know that I wasn't actually hungry!

have also stocked up the fridge with fruit and salad ☝🏼


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8 Replies

  • Well done on the sensible decision, small changes will make a difference, don't try and do everything all at once, it's a life change so don't worry we all have slips it's part of the journey.

    Fantastic on the fruit and salad

    Good luck

    Kat xx

  • thank you! I'm sitting on the exercise bike as I type lol, every little helps! I should work for Tesco! It def isn't a quick fix I want this time round, def a life change and as you say small changes gradually should help!😘

  • Hi allycan

    Well done for saying no to the Chicken and Ham pie, that is good will power and a step in the right direction. With the summer coming there will be more BBQ's going on so try and plan ahead, i.e a chicken drumstick is 125 calories. have a look at the Daily Diary to see how other members are planning their food.

    Have a good Sunday.


  • thank you, I will, have planned for one burger, a sausage and a chicken kebab altho I've just had a thought that I've plenty onions peppers so might have a veg kebab Instead of sausage! I will look on the daily diary when kids in bed and I can concentrate more!😂

  • Veg kebab is a great idea. I am going to do that too. Sun is shining here and I just mowed the lawn so might fire it up for tea.

  • Getting motivated to get started is the 1st step mcc13. Joining this site (as you have done) and getting support and encouragement is Step 2.Planning I would say is step 3 that is shopping ,meals and snacks. I see you have stocked up on fruit and veg but I find protein is important mixed with some carbs to sustain me from one meal to the next. I see you have children so it will be harder for you not to have snacks in the house but can you get your children in on your act to help and encourage you. Healthy eating for all including healthy snacks.

  • my plan is to do that gradually and to try and get my other half on the same train! It's difficult with 2,4,6 yr olds not to have snacks in but I do agree that they should join me for sure! atm they only have "bad snacks" on Fri,sat,sun, as in chocolate crisps etc etc but I must say for kids they aren't bad and they love their fruit and veg so I can't complain! I should take a leaf from their book more often!😐 they put me to shame to be honest!x

  • Yes mcc13 it all starts with you and Yes great you have started As others have said small steps and you will be amazed with the results.Try not to go hungry by having good decent meals well spaced out to help keep you away from snacking. You can do this so onwards and downwards.

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